29 May

It seems, that we have entered into a phase with the blog, where our imagination is required and productive comments and stories chosen.  With a Shun very much in effect the stories will have to post must come from life and experiences.. There are already enough blogs from media and reporters they don’t need my contributions. After all those who report it for a living, know what their doing.. We could talk about Haleigh Cummings, but I also think that case is well in hand right now.. Just remember to keep looking for her Sweet Face in every crowd.

So lets journey down the path of the past.  Many years ago, many of you were still in school,  my little local company was hired by a local business owner who was actually a CEO for a major corporation.  The man was deemed a genius in his own right, having made his first million while in his 2nd year of college, for an invention using a delayed reaction on a card.  This man had the ability to visualize the flow of electricity on a computer card, and where and when to cause delays.  He was an Inventor, loved to sing and play his guitar, a world traveler, and here is the kicker.. He was also a UFO Investigator.

So, the option of working for his company as research and innovation, was a great opportunity, and an experience that I would benefit.  With computers on the market and the prices on such had began to become avoidable, the vision of having a computer in every household was vivid and real.  Especially with the new computers branding win98, and games available for all age groups..

Now one of my first assignments was to write and create a company website.  Oh my, what a chore to be given. I did not have the knowledge to even begin to develop a website, therefore, if you don’t know how.. what do you do?  You take the initiative and you begin to learn.  Which of course means, you take classes in HTML since, that was the primary language to use in the website development, and for the most part it still is today.  Java script was next..  Why Java, it brings your pages to life..  How many times have you hit a webpage and received an error message that u needed to update your Java Script? If not, someday you will. 

Now, while learning to write HTML,  one the primaries was to write a webpage and to post it online.  This required a web page provider,  the web pages , and how to place photos and frames.  This was one of the primary assignments.  So, this was the birth of a website called, named after my little Scottie mcgreggor.  I decided to use the town of Wadesboro as a subject matter for the webpages..  So, I would mill through the town  taking photos to use.  Churches, Court House, Historical locations, Homes that were unique in character.  
The one home in particular that caught my attention, was and still is located on a short side-street by the cemetary.  The house is older and kept with perfection, the yard and flower beds are perfect.  And the owners are so meticulous they actually had umbrellas shading the petunia bed along the front sidewalk. I’m still left with a quandary as to how   I felt about those umbrellas..  Needless to say, I took photos and used them to complete the website. 

As the years have passed, traveling by that house when I am in Wadesboro is a common practice since I make it a practice to travel by the Cemetery where Mom and Dad rest..  I had also learned that the same couple with the umbrellas had also purchased the two story home next to them, to house the cats.. I had always seen a number of cats in the area, and until I found out about the house next door I had no idea how many cats there actually is. Apparently, our meticulous couple are cat lovers, and rescue cats.. In fact they love them enough to provide them with their very own two story house,  and keep it meticulous too.

This is the honest truth..  

Now last evening I had to make a run to the store.  The local store had closed by the time I ventured out, and I traveled into Wadesboro, as usual I traveled the path by the same house and by the cemetary, what did I discover..  The meticulous little house with the a beautiful blooming Pink Rose Tree planted along the sidewalk out front, and its protective Green Square Umbrella standing guard overtop.  Another vision to carry with me for another decade..

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