26 May

Hey, Altha is that you..  Hows WBO going? 

The small world of Rodeos on the internet is looking at her with peering eyes, and of course the horse and I are just Laughing our Asses off at Rodeo, for making such a indignant fool of itself last night.  So, what is it that Rodeo wasn’t catching on to.. Oh lets see.. HIPAA violations are punishable by law..  Let’s see here,  is that not Criminal Law we are talking about, violating a person’s right to privacy?  Oh so I’m interfering in the vast little world of Rodeos, and shame on me.. I didn’t post the info on Tim and his Family.. You DID Idiot!!

I had an epiphany this morning, and the answer came to mind.. Why is it rodeo keeps throwing off on people which we know rodeo suffers itself..  The answer is, thats rodeos world, thats all that rodeo has in its mind, and has to go back into its little vault of info stocked into the empty files called a brain, and all it can pull forward is what the heck is in rodeos daily life.  Called  “Lack of IMAGINATION“.  You see rodeo has lied so much in its life, that it doesn’t have time to learn and store in those empty boxes of storage. It only has to remember the  last lie, so it can add a lie to cover it..

And of course, rodeo can’t be at fault, cause someone else did it..  So, the question I would ask my Grandchildren,  if your best friend decided to jump off the roof of the house, would you follow?  Of course we all know the answer to that question is no..  And the jest is, just because someone else does something, does that mean you have to follow them?

So, rodeo how does it justify you in posting something that would tend to be a violation, just because someone else posted it first?  So, because Joey posted this info first, means that you should follow in his footsteps and post it also, and that because you were called down on your actions, its Joey’s fault or the person who called you down?  Sort of a twisted sister huh?

And exposing your behavior and violations means I am a meddler?  I should mind my own business?  What cave did you crawl out of?  Anytime anyone does cause harm to others, it should be brought to the light, its called the truth idiot!!  I know your not to familiar with the term,  since you live in a sea of lies and deceit!!   And might we mention, your concern for the Grandparents of this child..  Their anger should go towards the people who caused the problems for the Holmseth Children, who didn’t care what happened to them.. And rodeo you played a major part in that.. And just who was it that posted TH’s parents phone number on Twitter for the trolls to grab and call!!  So rodeo, take your own advice and mind your own damn business for a change..  You have a lot to make up for.. and you better start, the truth is not going away..


And you want to talk about my interference in issues or peoples lives?  What a Fucking Hypocrite you really are!!  Now, you want to tell the class how you got those court documents, that you cannot get online?  I guarantee you one thing, you didn’t get them from the Court house in Minn or Florida, nor did you get them from TH..  So, whats your story?  Talk about posting documents online that have the child’s name on it.. you didn’t even take time to redact a small juveniles name, you threw it out for the world to see.


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