26 May

Rodeo you messed up..  The SAM trolls have beat you out of identifying  “FaceYet”

First you claimed that FaceYet was me, or I was FaceYet, which ever doesn’t matter, then you racked FaceYet back and forth over the coals, and even posted a photo of a woman you claimed was absolutely “FaceYet” .. but while you were sleeping at the helm,  the Sam Trolls beat you to the punch..  Oh but, what if it were true?  Oh my goodness if thats not an “OH SHIT MOMENT”  for ole rodeo..  Especially after all this crap you and your buddy executioner put out about there is no such thing anywhere around twitter or your blog..  But, you never know do you rodeo..  Getting that Security Team back in for a clean up.. better schedule them fast, Oh my goodness you might be caught with your pants down.. And totally exposed….

Never can tell.. Seems Sam and Trolls have special insight into things.  Ohhhh Rodeo..

I just don’t understand how you missed out on this rodeo.. or were you gonna set back and play coy..  Well I didn’t know.. Yea.. day late and a dollar short..

Now, if you haven’t read this and it is a good 11 days ole there rodeo..  Don’t be spitting that box wine all over your iPhone, darn thing just might sticky up and go out on you..


Needless to say, I think “FaceYet” deserves an award for putting up with all of you trolls, so decided to give He / She which ever..  A  Big Gold Star..  Does this mean I get to be suspected as a FED too..  Oh Lord, what a fine day this has turned into..


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