25 May

Well, the re-invention of fake twitters continues..  Lets see, we had   @arrestradio  with my photo attached, and that disappeared real fast, changed to @reportradio..  Needless to say both names went into twitter.  Bitch and moan as they did and LOL about it..  It still went in.  IP address, email address..   Next we had this crazy  @exodusanonymous, which just happened to be anonloverz,  but in the blink of an eye.. @exodusanonymous went Poof and in its place…   Now isn’t that amazing.. apparently it just got too hot on twitter. Apparently it went on with an attitude and it looks like it got its butt kicked and had to change its face and name..  Busy ass Trolls..    But what I found was really interesting, on its blog site, it actually has rules and regulations.. and won’t tolerate misbehavior?  What.. where that dog with the funny eyes.. cause this is a confustion too..  And since its executionerreal, will that crazy troll disappear … well you know on several occasions Twitter had taken care of the problem, and it always seemed to slink back in..


bull shit  2


Anyway, you guys make up your own minds..  Its time to realize you gotta stay on-top of this shit to keep it controlled.

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