HIPAA Violation

25 May

Let me tell you a story, back in the fall of 2011, when it appeared that 3 women at the same time, 2 in florida and one in Minn, decided it was time to LET’S GET THE TIM!!

So, two in Florida filed for restraining orders, in Domestic Violence Court, and so did the one in Minn.  Now, the one we are going to discuss is the one in Minn.   Quite a tale to tell..

First off on Monday  August 22, 2011 there were text commentaries sent back and forth between the parents of little  ?  Holmseth.  Daddy had taken the little one into the dentist, and paid 1/2 the bill, which was a good 75.00, and he texted the momma and advised this,  her response was not cordial and he responded back with a generalized comment about no body liking her..  No vulgarity, no threat of any sort,  just simple stated, Hey no body likes you..  Now this was late afternoon.. By evening, both parents, and their children together and separate, plus the new spouse all met at the school for the parent teacher picnic..   The evening went fine, no problems, no hateful issues covered.. All seemed to be just fine..  Now time to leave..  The little boy child, shared by her and TH was taken by the Momma to her car.  She knew that he was to return home with his Dad to finish out the visitation schedule which was 2 more days.. But, NO.. she had to pull a stunt.  So, Timothy walks up to her car, standing just behind and tells her to take their son out of the car so he can return home with his Dad and Sister.   Tim’s daughter is standing at the passengers back door with it open and she is just inside the door.  The boy child suddenly hops in front and makes the comment warning his sister.. She’s gonna take off!!  And she does,  Tim’s daughter jumps away from the door just in time as the car proceeds back, and back up it did, right into Tim..  Thats right.. didn’t studder..  hit Tim..

And then she failed to stop and see if anyone was injured, she took off with their son.

So, the police arrive and so does the ambulance to transport Tim to the hospital. And they go through the initial report with the Police Officer..  Tim tells his daughter,  make notes of what occurred!!  And she does.

So, after the hospital visit and treatment,  Th and his Daughter go down to the Police Dept for interviews.

It seems that they had contacted the mom.. by the way her name is Rhonda Callahan, and has her return.

No, they didn’t arrest her, they didn’t immediately charge her with hitting a person, limitations in backing and leaving the scene of an accident.  No.. they didn’t do that.. She also met the Officers down at the Dept. and gave an interview.  Well as interviews seem to go with this one that refer to as THE RHONDAAAAH, its all about how bad TH is,  how crazy he is, etc etc etc.  As if anything she has opinion on as per her dislike for this man and the challenges she feels she has in sharing custody would be an excuse for hitting a person with a vehicle, and leaving the scene of an accident is justified by her likes or dislikes..   Both Tim and his Daughter were interviewed next, and a seed had been planted and when his daughter entered the room with the notes of the accident, the Officers had already been tainted with the concept that the entire thing was a planned event by both TH and his Daughter.  And his daughter had the notes to prove it..  Well, we can’t go into what the Doctor had said, but I will say.. TH was a bit incoherent  after the accident, a bit in shock, and took home a very bruised thigh.  So much for setting this up and faking the car hitting him..

So, this Monday night,  on Thursday the RHONDAAAAH,  traveled down to the local court house and obtained a restraining order against TH because he said that terrible thing to her on  the text, no body likes u.    Folks, none of this is made up.. got all the documents, police report, everything.. can prove every word said.

Next,  The RHONDAAAH,  take their son to a psychiatrist Dr. April Bradley, and during the interview, she just tells all kinds of tales against Tim and his Daughter.. horrific tales of abuse and child molesting.. And Dr. Bradley, apparently forgetting she had done a psychic evaluation on TH and The RHONDAAAAH, some 4 years prior..  And that evaluation was done at the request of TH folks!!  Anyway, Bradley just eats this tale of woe completely up and issues a letter of mental evaluation against TH for the court.   Hey, got that one too, And know what the RHONDAAAAH had to say, in front of their son!!!   So, once this letter was written and a copy given out to both TH, The Court, The attorney for THE RHONDAAAAH..  Well lets put this way..  One of these gave that Doctors evaluation out to RADIONEWZ..  Now do you think the Court did this.. Do you think TH would give that document out to RADIONEWZ?  Well we don’t think that THE RHONDAAAAH did, but we know she a copy..   And just what did RADIONEWZ do with that copy, and oddly enough, RADIO didn’t know RHONDAAAAH.. but we know who did.  And it was posted online for all to read and see and blasting this terrible man, and his pedifile daughter, age 16.  Oh they had a good time with this.   But, needless to say, that posting by Rodeo went to HIPAA,  and because of the investigation that transpired,  that doctor sent a letter out to the Court advising them that there had been a violation and somebody had given it out and it went online.

Also for the world to see, the rodeo posted the information on the court action and assigning the guardian, and didn’t bother removing or hiding, blocking out redacting the child’s name, also the court order.  Yep, got those safely tucked away too.  downloaded from where rodeo posted them.   Also they posted the 300 page complaint against th from florida, included in that was another evaluation which the complainant in the restraining order which is all the hell it is..  Had gone into to this internet Psychiatrist and told him all this horrid things, and he wrote an evaluation based on the complainants tales of woe..  and that also was posted on the internet.  Thats where I got it..

So, it all boils down, to someone who doesn’t think.. doesn’t care if they violate people’s privacy, the Hipaa laws, or interferes in the lives and custody of a child..   Now,  the sad sad thing about everything that was done,  it caused a little boy, to be confused, upset, torn between his momma and daddy.. to the point, where he ran from his Mother..  Ran away from his Mother!! THE RHONDAAAAH,  she couldn’t catch him.. apparently he either runs real fast for a little one or she can’t run at all..  So, she calls the police, they arrive and catch the little one,  put this little 5 year old in the back of a police car, while he’s kicking and screaming and fighting to get out.. I would comfortable say, he was TERRIFIED !!   The taken out of the Police car, put in the back of an ambulance and transported to the hospital..  And the tales of woe began again against this dad, and his daughter.. and how effected her son was by all of this.. The doctor order the child to be held overnight for observation..  But the mom, went against the doctors orders and took the boy home..  several days later he was check into a Psych ward of a hospital..  Frantic in being left alone, he was clinging to his mother.    Now, oddly enough the child had had no contact with his father for several weeks prior to this incidence.   Was anyone ever able to validate a connection between Minn and Florida.. oh yes, it arrived in a big pack of information sent to TH.

So, TH had the hearings and issues with the women from Florida, and the one in Minn..  3 against one.. and it took him through a hell of a procedure to protect himself and his daughter and his custodial rights in seeing his son..   Almost two years of Hell, but he has his rights to his son, and he is on a Nolo contendere ( a legal term that comes from the Latin for “I do not wish to contend.” It is also referred to as a plea of no contest) probation for this next year, which he was not on probation for the first year waiting for trial, and didn’t violate it nor will he this year.

So, when they rodeo and trolls are mocking, harassing, threatening, accusing TH of being crazy and etc.   They tried to prove it and failed..  His Psych evaluation came out A-OK..  Not crazy, not a child abuser, not a child molester or pervert,  not a physical threat to anyone anywhere, not a stalker..   And haven’t you noticed if you are not in agreement with rodeo and the trolls, then your crazy..   An Automatic usage..

So people its time to wake up, and stand up and lets put an end to this..  They have caused enough damage to enough people..   If they say Haleigh Cummings is dead..  It means Haleigh Cummings is very much alive and they know what, where, when and why.. They just don’t want others to know..  Now, Why?  Will it implicate them?    So, lets ask..  Rodeo, Where is Haleigh?

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