25 May

Going back to the early months of 2011, a group of fake attack accounts hit Twitter,  The Targets at that point, were the original 7 from the Haleigh case, that were on a virtual hit list.

1. Tim Holmseth

2. Cobra Staubs

3. Simon Barrett

4. Susan Earman

5. Karen Simmer

6. Don Knop

7. Me… mlee

Now, who would join us on the list was

8. Pirate

9. Badme

10. Fishy

Now, here’s a look at the original attack accounts.  Oh yes, I still have photo copies of each.


Now, there has been a cancelling out of most of them, and a re-invention of many more accounts.  Its a matter of changing the name on the account..  If you think about it, it must take up a lot of time to continue re-inventing new twitter attack accounts, someone has a lot of extra time on their hands.  Plus, I heard that some of the standard accounts on twitter, had given their password out to a person and permission to post on their account, and was really upset when they saw what was being posted.. Big Mistake..  Was very upset that people on twitter would think it was them posting it.

So here we have the beginning of a new list….. want to add to it?




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