Rodeo or Troll That is the Question..

24 May

For those who are just catching up on the wild wild Twitter Accounts, of   here I am to-day, and will change my name tomorrow..   There’s a new cowboy in town and it brags, ”  Mcnutt, Prinnie.. Never Fear.. I’m Here Now!!”,

Hey this cowboy has some fire and brimstone its throwing around, and one has to wonder.. now did this idiot come up with all of these IP’s, hey it’s not from hacking any accounts, it probably from someone who landed on ole rodeo’s front door forgetting ole rodeo collects people’s ips, but instead of blogging them on rodeo’ blog, decided to give you a new cowboy to worry about..  Someone’s been watching too many movies, seen a lot of those photos on the page on rodeos page..

Having dealt with how many fake twitter accounts now rodeo, I’m getting pretty good at smelling out the stench, and this one folks, just like its twin sister executionerreal, is going to be a nasty creature..   Just remember,  it too can be complained on to Twitter, although it doesn’t think anything will ever catch up with it and its proxy accounts for ips and how many different email address’ do your trolls have rodeo..   I sure hope you have to pay for all of these proxy accounts and pay out the wazoo…   So folks get your block button finger ready and get em…

radio x


Here’s a Buckeye you guys can use to put that crazy trolls fire out!!  momma-bear by ass!!! just another crazy fake twitter account from the same ole troll.


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