23 May

Wow, I must really have hit a nerve with ole Rodeo..  Just ranting and name calling up a storm..  Its easy to set back and post comments about Twitter not caring nor the FBI on name calling, but you forgot..  They do care about Harassment, and stalking, making up fake twitter accounts impersonating people.. Thanks for all the admissions.

You see rodeo, if you weren’t responsible, and if you weren’t concerned with an outcome by Twitter and the FBI, you wouldn’t bother posting about it at all.  You just can’t help indicting yourself, and with your constant blabbering, you bringing attention to yourself.  If anything I might post doesn’t effect you, you wouldn’t respond, but your biggest fear is that people are paying attention, and they are seeing you for the troll you really are.  So who’s in a spin..  rodeo is.  News on the street.. they are getting closer rodeo..


So, just keep ranting and raving.   The one principle  you have never understood..   “Less is More”..

Another principle you have never understood,  Men and Women can be Friends and Associates,  and not be romantically involved.   You have an obsession with Sex, and no concept of what real life is about.  In fact I would go so far as to state,  you probably have never  known a man you didn’t relate to by having a sexual relationship with, in your mind thats the only relationship you can mentally conceive.  And it has nothing to do with sex,  its all control.  Why do you need to control any and all men?  Do you feel so inferior to men that you have to control them?  And you cannot have a friend relationship to women, another inferior issue, you have to show them your superior to them and therefore, control them also.   Your insecurity’s are showing big time rodeo..  And the horse, he’s laughing at you.. And that doesn’t even suggest how many people out on twitter or the blogs are laughing also..  rodeo the joke of bloggers.  Joke of Twitter.


By the way, hasn’t anyone told you yet.. With the vastness of the web, you are nothing more than an amoeba in an infinity of time and space, and your blog goes no where.  You have such a small amount of followers, that you have to do the dirty work yourself..  Good name..  amoeba rodeo..  maybe the new nickname will go viral….  By the way don’t want to scare you.. but my stats this morning.. since November 2012..  is hitting 12,000.  I never expected many if anyone to read the blog.. but rodeo.. people are paying attention to what I say..   🙂

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