15 May

DISCLAIMER: ALL COMMENTS MADE TOWARDS THE EXECUTIONER ARE – Satire/Parody/Spoof, Smack, Newz, Opinion & Lack of Opinion, Social Media Smack/Commentary.

In response to harassment by  The Executioner, the ole fan-head  she – he -it,  directed at mcgreggorsback..





As Usual the Execution, ole Fan Head itself has made a declaration without any justification.   No,  you ugly crawling viper.. I don’t care where Cobra post..  I anticipated being a professional that he would take the initiative to contact what was his close friend and say it to his face.  At Least Cobra uses his real name when he blogs.. That says alot more about his character than it does yours..

I don’t know what brownie points you think you’ve acquired..  Golly its only been a week since you were tearing Cobra, Simon and TH all up in the same commentaries..   I guess it boils down to.. the little comment put out.. “haters should stick together”.. 

So snuggle up together tight.. and do your best hating together.. I don’t really care..  What I had to say I said to Cobra on open Twitter..   As for what I think about this little union..   Some fell down the Rabbit Hole!!


And I do believe this is a shared reaction.. Your not fooling anyone..  And please feel free to comment more on your own post..  We know thats what your doing..   By the way Ole Fan Head , you can’t make me angry enough to screw up.. I save that for you!!   You see,  hate lies within the hater.. it doesn’t effect the person its directed at.  So, bitch hate me all day and night long..  didn’t anyone tell you that causes heart attacks.. Hate, booze, pills, not sleeping…  Will take a heart out in a Fast New York Minute!!  Maybe you need to confirm this statement with doctor rodeo,   just to make sure its a correct statement..

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