11 May

DISCLAIMER: ALL COMMENTS MADE TOWARDS THE EXECUTIONER ARE – Satire/Parody/Spoof, Smack, Newz, Opinion & Lack of Opinion, Social Media Smack/Commentary.

In response to harassment by  The Executioner, the ole fan-head  she – he -it,  directed at mcgreggorsback..


Oh my goodness, the executioner you crawled back out of from under your Rock.    Oh goodness its been weeks since you came out to slam and insult me.. and is this the best you can do.. Gotta blame that damn ole box of wine.. So, its party time again.. huh??  For some odd reason you just seem so pissed off,  we have to worry about you..  Your gonna have to curb some of that wine.. just not good for you..

daffy and the serpent     I knew you missed me so much you could not  stand staying away, just had to move right on in there and get a few digs in.. but come on,  a  rendezvous  with Bill..  I think not..  He will  just have to eat his peanut butter and banana sandwiches all by him self..


And I guess your just gonna have to party alone with the other trolls at rodeo’s,  I’m sure ole folly holly will party with you..  She seems to be a party girl..  You guys can handle it, although I have to admit.. Ole folly holly hubby Jon just doesn’t look like he would be any fun to take out in public..  Maybe you guys could just put a bag over his head  like you do levi, so you won’t be embarrassed.  So, you just have a good day there ole fan head.. and the rest of us.. We gonna be having a great Weekend, ignoring you..

So here’s your gift for the day..


And if you can’t read between the lines this will make it clearer!! ASS1

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