The Truth is Revealing

07 May

For sometime many people have struggled with the search and determination of Who Radio is!!  I spent time on Art Harris Forum reading this past week, and I began to notice writing patterns with several of the posters.  One of which was Rodeo (Soapbox), one element I did find was the comparison of one issue dealing with Murt.

Seems that the exposing information from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, was not the first time this had occurred dealing with Rodeo. In fact .. Rodeo’s direct involvement of this action came to light.  You see there are four primary issues involved in the original situation, that was brought to light.

1. The fact that this information was suppose to have been copied from Websleuths Rumor Board, which in fact means that Rodeo had to be a member of Websleuths to have access to the Rumor Board, and a major violation to post it on Art Harris’s forum.

2. To have even posted or reposted the information pertaining to the private information of the individual, was a criminal act, in the state of Florida and I’m sure that the same elements were pertinent in any other state.

3. How the information was obtained, what Official from the State of Florida or what methods used to obtain the information.

4. The lingering effects of Identity thief were among the topics of concern, knowing that not only the persons drivers license number, social security number, address etc. Was in essence posted, without the concern that someone later on could or would see this information and use it.  After all it apparently was on the two boards long enough to be observed and copied.

By the way rodeo,  i already have photo copies of everything, so the pressure you might put on Art to have this information deleted, will not do any good.  This has come back to haunt you. And Haunt you it will.

How long now have you and your trolls and Levi Page continued to blast others for having the desire to keep Haleigh Cummings alive, and the search for her to continue.. How long have you thrown out the comments that she is a Dead Child, and that continued seeking of her is harmful to her families.  What a nasty –  LIE.  And might I also remind you, you had no concern for the welfare of this same Bio Dad’s Family when you were demanding that Haleigh was no longer alive..  You had no concern with you openly accused people of Murdering this child.  Nor did you have a drop of compassion when you were posting the private information of Teresa Neves on Art Harris’s Forum.

Troll you were, and Troll you are rodeo.. You and all the fake posters you display, under so many different names.  Everything you put on that website is a calculated lie. And the truth is coming out.

With the return of young women in the News yesterday and today, it brings the reality back to others that hope should always remain alive in the search for missing children and women, that the search should always continue.. And that those who try to destroy the hope and searching for any child or adult, has their own agenda.. And quite well their intent to cover up the truth.  The games are coming to an end rodeo..  This website may be your final link to the internet world, but as people begin to wake up and realize exactly what you are and what you’ve attempted to do, all will turn from you.  There will be no followers, there will be no fame.  And the concept of how to use Social networking to acquire such fame and importance is going to be the Karma against you, for the only fame you are going to have is that of those with handcuffs who walked the mile into that big grey hotel before you.

So, rodeo my suggestion for you is loud and clear..  Whatever information you or those trolls you stand with have about the Haleigh Cummings Gone Missing case, I would suggest loud and clear,  that you DO NOT WALK  to the local Authorities, but that you RUN to them.. Remember, FIRST TALKS..  FIRST WALKS..   And this advice goes out to anyone of my readers who might know anything about the case and how to direct authorities to this child.. Run now to your local authorities!!


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