Lets Revisit The Past

07 May

Lets go back in time,  what date shall we choose to start with?

Okay,  lets use April 26-27th..  And lets begin the time at 6:30pm.   Location  SC..  a middle aged couple heading home on a Sunday evening on the 26th of April 2009  from the Beach.   After stopping at a Convenience store for gas and refreshments,  their lives changed forever.  For what they saw and what they felt was their duty in life to take a stand and report.  Would linger in questions, abuse, threats, harassment and called blatantly, just plain Liars.

So.. here is their story.. names have been removed to protect the innocent, which of course are the people who witnessed and reported.

Now, the following is a chapter from Tim Holmseth’s published book, that I have scanned and placed on a pdf file.  The story apparently begins on April 26 -27 around Midnight.  Oddly enough, just 5 and 1/2 hours.. thats what I said.. 5 and 1/2 hours after the sighting in South Carolina.

Now, an incidence did occur at the Haleighbug Center..  who was there, and who wasn’t.. you determine your own opinion..  The police report, that took about 6 months to find within PCSO  after the request for the report was placed and TH was told it did not exist, since it apparently had been hidden, or not where it was expected to be.  And about a year and a half after the incidence occurred.  Wasn’t in the computer, the file search couldn’t even find a call to that location that evening..  But late October 2010  it was discovered?  2 Months later, the Haleigh investigation began again..  2 Months later the Amber Alert reappeared..  2 Months later an entire new group of investigators were working on the Missing and Endangered Child..  January 2011.

And the info on the transport.

Now all of you realize the occurrence at the Haleighbug Center which did not occur at midnight, but reported at 12:48am, some 48 minutes later, and only Sisters were at the Center, no-one else is listed on the report, and had there been others at the Center upon the arrival of the Officer who wrote the report,  they would have been listed..  Only one call was made that evening to 911.  Not 2, Not 3.. Only 1.

Now, this also was the event that closed the Haleighbug Center in Satsuma. After this evening, it would never open for business again.

But, it did not stop events from occurring.. Such as a police report made by Lindzy and Tommy Croslin and the girls on April 27, 2009..  Now just what could they report..

Now, have a good visit to the past, and remember the only thing going to come out of the ole rodeo dog and cat dance is going to be.. Oh she’s lying.. Oh she made it up.. Oh she’s crazy.. Oh she’s a drunk a druggie.. been in a crazy ward.. don’t listen to her..   So, here you go  proof  versus the world of rodeo..


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