Rodeo is worthless

02 May

We’ve always known that spit out worthless information, libel, threat’s, verbal abuse, porn images, harassment, and even stalked people, put up private information on others, fake authors, fake commentaries.. The workings of a very psychotic personality.

Now, we find the stat’s on rodeo’s prize web domains, all gathered into one little bitty domain. a sub-domain, a sub-domain, and levi’s little blog and radio show. Now in these states a value has been placed on the whole thingy.. $137.00 for the entire mess. Wow rodeo, since your site has been up torturing people since September 09, we know why it isn’t worth much more than a plug nickel. 3 and a half years of bullshit put out. So lets do a bit of division here.. So, 137 divided by 3.7 = Damn rodeo, I had to chuckle when I saw that one.. 37.027027027027027027027027027027027 you can’t even calculated that up to 40.00 per year. Now if we divide that up into total months you’ve been on the web. Oh my goodness, division is an amazing thing, rodeo your worth 3.186046511367906909767441860465116 per month.. Now if we divide this whole mess by 5 since you chose to bring the whole bunch into one.. that brings the 137.00 shared amounts to $27.40. So the conclusion is.. Rodeo your worthless!!

And the stats on visitors.. poor rodeo.. no one loves you anymore..
Thank you

Thank you


I see that you are as worthless as a webmaster as you are an admin on the blog and forums.. you need to listen to those html warnings and mistakes, cause if you don’t the programs will fail or just plain look like shit..

Oh by the way, the horse loved that photo of you with your tin foil hat on.. laughing his ass off at you again..


Rodeo claims it protects its brain waves from being detected..



Added Note:  as you read down through the links incoming on rodeos worthless website, check out:   whoever this person is has a major itch for Sarah Palin, the entire blog is about Palin.. and its not nice things about palin.. I’m not a palin fan.. In fact I don’t like that woman at all.. But, I certainly wouldn’t let my dislike turned into such major hate as this blogger has..  and somehow its connected with rodeo’s playground of evil and trolls.  Enough Said!!


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