Rodeo’s Obsessions

01 May

Am I the only one to notice the deep end of the abyss that Rodeo has jumped into recently?  Right on the edge, with nothing down below to catch her sorry ass.. I am shocked at the obsessions that rodeo keeps going on and on and on about.. Its one or the other, either your taking too many meds.. or not enough.. which is it.. Someone needs to jack slap you around like you do your junior trolls in Ohio.. Talk about hypocrite, liar.. Rodeo you are exactly what you accuse others of being.. you reflect your sorry life off on other people. So, just keep jabbering along, and we know exactly what your doing, and why your doing it..


This past few weeks, she excused her rotten behavior of attacking people she doesn’t even know, as well “its because mcgreggorsback posted it on her blog and said they were her friends, so that means that I can steal the photo and abuse, harass and insult people I don’t even know”

The truth of the matter here, Rodeo has really lost it.. the guys in the white coats really need to drag her back to the loony ward.. Rodeo is off its rocker..

Rodeo do you find it hard to keep track of all the usernames you use for comments, and fake posters.. This must be pushing that sorry brain of yours way off the charts.. Are you keeping a list?

And next, its all about the new conspiracy theories.. Wow rodeo.. its time for your own hat, dedicated straight away to the rodeo, the piece of shit the horse laughs at.. And we all know when you get to the point of having a horse laugh at you.. you’ve sunk too deep into the mire and muck or maybe its just plain ole ugly all the way down to the bone..


Rodeo and her tin foil hat.. just made for people who have conspiracy theories Rodeo.. Now, how is it your the only one on the web that is allowed to have conspiracy theories? And why are you mentioning names thats gonna get you in trouble.. Dumb-ass Rodeo at it again I think she’s been hanging out too much with mcnutt, and afraid the government is going to read her brain waves..

Well, its after 9 pm, and I’m tired of the mess tonight.. so I’m off to watch a movie, and for rodeo and the trolls.. kiss my ass!!

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