29 Apr

Well you have a point, and I am not above admitting when I’m wrong,  yes I did have the word muffy on the photo, and you rodeo take an advantage and use it. Now for the rest of the info you seem to have posted, you haven’t explained.. And noting you laid it all off on poor little Muffy as to your justification for re-opening the ban on Maria..  with a few choice other descriptive issues, which I’m not going to touch on, thats going to be between you.. Maria and John and their Attorney.  So, dumb-ass is the phrase to use against you..  Dumb-ass when you don’t have the civil capability to stop and just leave people alone.. Apparently your hate for either Me or for Maria is driving you to the point of being totally uncontrolled.. Surprising?  NO!!  I have no doubt you live on the edge, or maybe its the abyss you need to worry about.

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