28 Apr

Only a creature like rodeo, would want to try to determine who has come to its banned.html page, amazing..  And how would you know that is Maria to begin with, all it does is give you the carrier of the ip and the location of their servers, dumbshit.. You assumed that was Maria’s IP address, but you don’t know for sure. I know what yours was from the email address at Comcast, oh yes thats right.. that radio got banned to where did you say Arizona?

And lastly, how did you know rodeo if Maria has a dog or not?  You don’t know Maria now do YOU? No one has mentioned that fact so guess what dumb-ass troll .. YOU MESSED UP!! So rodeo.. tell us how you know so much about Maria  since you are not suppose to know anything about her..   You certainly seem to know all about her life.. Wonder why?  Want to share with the class??  We are waiting you know!!  Because, only someone who knows about Maria and her Home life knows what is there and what isn’t.. And you mentioned her last name.. its not been mentioned by me !!


Rodeo’s back to kissing her own ass.. nasty thing it must be..

Oh I know, rodeo has borrowed her old friends psychic hat again.  And its going to be another OH SHIT Moment at Rodeos.. and wait for the Delete…  That damn party time with the box wine gets you every-time doesn’t it?


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