27 Apr

“My blogging buddy, John Gohde, wrote a nice article concerning Cobra. I think you will enjoy it and the film Cobra had recorded of himself in all his glory!”

Yea, old rodeo’s good Buddy.. John Gohde..

=============== The horse is laughing at you rodeo… cause your lying again.                                        


RadioNewz Blog Forum Exposé

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RadioNewz Blog – Radio – As bad as any Croslin

Even though the Haleigh Case ended months ago, they absolutely refused to move on. They are basically just a bunch of Internet addicted man hating females who have joined a Ron Haters club who picture Misty Croslin as an innocent victim of the controlling Ronald Cummings. Radio having more than 65 threads on Haleigh speaks for itself. Each thread contains at least 21 pages of crazed posts. They are going over the same old crap, over and over again like a bunch of Internet crazed zombies. Believe it or NOT, but these fools just the other day were arguing over whether Ron had worked 8 or 12 hours that night. These Internet idiots have no life. They are hostile. They are NOT helping to find Haleigh in the least. They are frustrated, closed minded, vindictive, suspicious of all outsiders, mean, nasty, and paranoid. One of them has actually claimed that I gave her the finger, because I included a graphic of a shaking finger in one of my long forgotten posts which was clearly supposed to signify “NO”, or maybe “Naughty” in a good humored way. Sorry, but it was only one possible choice out of a 100 cute possibilities which had absolutely no significance whatsoever other than an interesting way to relieve boredom in messaging. These people really need to get a life, or maybe a hobby, even.

Because of the above RadioNewz Blog case study we can see that what happened with the Croslin and Cummings families can and is happening all over America. Beware of Radio’s tiny group of wack-jobs, America. Radio’s Crime Slueth zombies on the RadioNewz Blog Forum like to say good morning and tonight to each other every day, as if it was their job to report to each other. Those who don’t are consider rude. Well, I am putting to rest and saying goodnight to these crazies.


Now, I’ve heard you accused me of gossiping and saying hateful things about my Friend Maria..  Well, hate to tell you rodeo.. clown that you are..

First of all I have nothing bad to say about Maria.. She is a sweet, kind considerate human being.  Together the Family runs a successful business, that must be envied by others.  Now.. Rodeo you actually think people would believe that I would gossip with trolls on the internet about Maria .. Virtually thats insanity on your part.  Since I managed to keep the friendship with Maria silent and totally under the radar from your snooping through my life and friends.  As far as the accusations you’ve made and comments you put in my mouth..  Sounds like people on your end are jealous of Maria .. She’s a beautiful articulate woman, and none of you can hold a candle to her.  Since I have not been in Maria’s house to observe what she wears or how she eats or what her weight is.   Your information must come from someone who has been in her house, has observed her or her weight or bottom line, just plain lying out their ass as well as you rodeo.  And to boot, our friendship does not include any passing of items or money.. We are friends, and taking advantage of each other is not within my concept of friendship.. Bottom line..  Maria has never offered anything to me, nor have I ever ask for anything, nor would I.  I don’t take advantage of friendship.  Nor do I need anything from Maria but friendship.   Oh, by the way.. Maria ask.. if your going to talk about her, why do you have her banned? What is it your trying to hide..  Think it will end up on an Attorney’s desk?  You bet ya!!!

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