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26 Apr

Notorious Mammabear and other spectacles
April 26, 2013 | by Radio | Smack | 5 Comments

I was gone less than 48 hours and all kinds of shit broke out! LOL!
Sam is being accused of being Mammabear, the notorious poster on I wasn’t a poster there, so I have no idea as to who is who and what is what.
I do know while Sam was ill she was hunted like an animal. That seems callous. Now, they are on her for being Mammabear. I don’t think they know if she is or not and I certainly don’t know. I’m certain Prinnie knows who Mammabear is and she’ll never tell I bet.
Besides that spectacle going on this blog was bullied by an attorney last night over one of Shiloh’s posts! LOL!
Since McGreggorsBack has put the attorney’s name and all the details on blast I’m not sure I need too. Looks like McGreggrorsBack has slammed her name and all the details right into Google! Brilliant. LMAO! I’ll get to it later I’m sure.

“Always something going on! :mrgreen:”


Yea Rodeo, we’re really convinced you were gone and just didn’t know what was going on.. As usual, point a finger in someone elses direction..   well it is amazing that “this attorney that bullied” as You described in your article, knew who this young female attorney was?  How was this information obtained?  Through an email?  Through the ip address?  A normal poster would not have access to this information.   So Rodeo would you like to explain to the class how “this attorney that was bulling” as YOU described in your Article, obtained the information to identify this young female attorney?  The class wants to know..  you claim you were gone, so who had access to this email and ip information to give to this poster.  Do your posters have psychic hats or what?

With this person’s post, your anonymous poster was able to obtain all the minor details… seems to me your released story is a cover up Rodeo.. As usual, but this time it just isn’t going to work….  You see, there is a major difference between last names.. Staubs and Horn..

As representation for the above-mentioned individual, I am advising you that you are to hereby cease and desist the defamation of Rebecca Staubs’ character and reputation. First, Rebecca Staubs is a minor and not involved in this case whatsoever. If you continue to defame her character publicly, despite this attempt to correct the above incorrectly publicized information, you will be looking at a defamation claim. Cyber bullying a minor with this type of libelous action will not be tolerated. Thank you for your attention in this matter.
As a purported “news” blog, you seem to be failing tremendously. A 5 minute online search would reveal that the above named individual has no involvement in this case, nor does she have any connection to this case whatsoever. Please do your readers a favor and do your due diligence before reporting.
I can be reached at the private email address provided. Please provide written confirmation within ten (10) days that you will cease and desist the defamation of Rebecca Staubs’ character and reputation. Otherwise, she will be seeking monetary and equitable relief, along with the costs associated with attorney fees in pursuing this matter.

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