26 Apr

So it seems like the rodeo has put a banned tag across the page revealing the comments and her posting of the child named Staubs..  Why you didn’t just remove it is a question..  So are you making attempts to cover this up, or have you got another game in mind..  Never ending games by rodeo..

Now the Steubenville online freaks are getting down to nasty business!

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radio lesbian
Is someone named ?? mixed up in this?


  1. Yes I got attacked by @ Judicious1_ just for googling what Vestige Ltd. to misspell and mentioning something about Reno. OMG! I was shocked at the way this person treats people.

  2. Did you expect any less from a chick who’s son got IMMUNITY for being present during a crime?? *faints* Block the chick she’s vile and co-conspirator for “thinking” her son is perfect.

  3. How do you know its one of the moms

  4. Judicious1_ is the Mom of one of the boys who was there and failed to call her or anyone else to help the girl that was assaulted, go ask her, I am sure she’ll welcome you with warm fuzzies and shit too. :)

  5. guys…judicious1 is not the person you are referring to. we don’t know who this person is, but he/she is not the mother of one of the ones who recieved immunity. please keep that in mind when commenting. thanks.

    • Oh and you know this how? All we know is she is vile and hides who she tell

      • looking 4 the Common Sense

        It doesn’t matter if she is the one who gave birth to one of those degenerates cowards or if she is the aunt of one of them or if she is one if Murtie Murt’s groupies. What does matter is that the person(s) behind the account are vile and delusional. Judging by the tone and content of the tweets I’d bet whoever it is has a strong desire to feel “important”. This quest to have their perceived truth told by any and all news outlets, hate bloggers, and faceless commentators seems to have made whoever is behind the account become so consumed with vengeance that the bullying tactics have become commonplace.
        As always the above comments are merely my opinion and not to be misconstrued as fact. I am not at the level of a Harvard or Yale law professor so my opinion is not to be considered as that of an expert but rather just a blue-collar working American. Opinions are like *A* holes, everyone has one…..

  6. Someone posted it was the sister of that person. Then I read both of them use that acct. Who knows!

  7. As representation for the above-mentioned individual, I am advising you that you are to hereby cease and desist the defamation of Rebecca Staubs’ character and reputation. First, Rebecca Staubs is a minor and not involved in this case whatsoever. If you continue to defame her character publicly, despite this attempt to correct the above incorrectly publicized information, you will be looking at a defamation claim. Cyber bullying a minor with this type of libelous action will not be tolerated. Thank you for your attention in this matter.
    As a purported “news” blog, you seem to be failing tremendously. A 5 minute online search would reveal that the above named individual has no involvement in this case, nor does she have any connection to this case whatsoever. Please do your readers a favor and do your due diligence before reporting.
    I can be reached at the private email address provided. Please provide written confirmation within ten (10) days that you will cease and desist the defamation of Rebecca Staubs’ character and reputation. Otherwise, she will be seeking monetary and equitable relief, along with the costs associated with attorney fees in pursuing this matter.

  8. I would prefer my gmail account, however I just provided you with my work email. If you feel more comfortable going through my company domain, feel free. Feel free to check my credentials when you arrive at the website.
    Further, I would like to reiterate the fact that I will be expecting the confirmation letter within 10 days. I also advise you to consult your own attorney.
    Thank you for your attention in this matter.

  9. no lawyer would do this via a blog for several reasons only a real lawyer would know

  10. Well if this guy works for a law firm he would know that since this Rebecca person posted her pic on the internet, there’s nothing he can do! She has opened herself up to the public by posting anything on the internet. Maybe she shouldn’t be posting on the internet if she doesn’t want anyone to post her picture or copy any of her posts.
    It doesn’t matter if she is underage. Maybe this guy as a parent should be watching what his child is doing on the internet. If he is so concern he needs to tell her to remove her picture and get off Facebook or set it so only friends can view it.

  11. To Christina STAUBS Horn, newly licensed attorney, permitted only to practice law in the State of Michigan, and who just graduated from law school last year: Your law firm will be getting notice tomorrow of your pretentious bullying of unwitting lay people with threats of bogus lawsuits which are not cognizable in fact or in law. There is no defamation or disparaging comment here about your LITTLE SISTER. Her twitter profile is public. There is no law in Michigan, where you reside, or in Georgia, where Radio allegedly resides, which prevents someone from reposting a minor’s profile picture on the internet. There is no civil or criminal prohibitions in federal law, either. I call upon you to provide what Federal, Michigan or Georgia law prohibits or criminalizes such conduct. And…I’ll give YOU ten days to provide that confirmation, okay?
    This was a single internet posting of a public profile picture — not a pattern of conduct to stalk or harass your little sister. There was no disparaging comment made about her, either. Not one. Accordingly, no alleged damages to her reputation could possibly have occurred, nor could be proven by you, dear. Let’s be honest here, big sissy Staubs, there has been no violation of ANY criminal or civil statute, by or through this website. Again, if I am wrong, please provide to what statute(s), if any, have been breached in your beautiful state of Michigan, then tell me how the State of Michigan would have jurisdiction over this matter of reposting your sister’s profile picture.
    Additional question for you, baby lawyer…Does the alleged victim or potential defendant reside in the State of Michigan? I don’t think you’re allowed to be threatening to take legal action in states wherein you have no right to practice law. But hey — what do I know.
    How about this, junior associate, why don’t you stop threatening these people with legal actions which don’t exist, nor would you be licensed to litigate. Neither your new law firm, nor the Michigan State Bar, would think to highly of you throwing your weight and newly attained bar license around the blogosphere and lodging bogus scare tactics at lay people for perfectly legal conduct. That bar license you just hung on your law firm wall is a privilege, not a right, and surely not a license for bullying law people into submission.
    As they say…Govern Yourself Accordingly. But hey…what do I know. (-:

  12. Hey William “Cobra” Staubs! Control your children, fgs!! LOL!

  13. Ummm, would that twithandle constitute a hate crime? Seems kinda derogatory to me…I mean do lesbians tag themselves as such on twitter? I seriously doubt it, but I dunno. I do think some gay rights groups might get a twist in their knickers over this.

  14. And here is our very serious lawyer, Christina Staubs Horn, on twitter:
    @ceshorn: “@HilariousTed: A ghost could be humping you right now and you would never even know.” @Rebecca_Staubs

  15. Uhm Christina Elicia Staubs Horn is an idiot as a “lawyer”. Does the law firm she works at know she is posting client cases online?
    I’m not so sure Loretta J Statsick would appreciate this blatent disregard for client lawyer confidentiality.


  17. graduated law school in 2012.

  18. looking 4 the Common Sense

    Oh my gosh, why does everyone think they can threaten a defamation lawsuit and be successful in “shutting others up”. This threatened lawsuit along with the many threatened lawsuits from the Steubenville yards are a joke and a waste of the court’s time. Any legitimate lawyer would laugh at these potential plaintiffs. People talk about each other. People gossip. Take it like an adult or act like a whine ass crybaby.


Now.. like it or not.. it is available for everyone to see, and not hidden!!

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