10 Apr

Rodeo’s post filled with hate, vulgarity, porn, threats, over whelming rage…  Under the guise of the rodeo name the Tasmanian devil has come out and spinning around like a top..


This uncontrollable Rage is really very amusing and speaks a thousand words.. It is the inner workings of a mind so warped it cannot control itself.  Threats and verbal abuse,  Why you must ask your self..  The loss of control of not only oneself but the loss of control of others!!   Now, if this is not a prime example of violating the First Amendment of others, harassment.

I cannot believe this crazy maniac would actually believe that people would believe the excuse for abusing another person..  I did it because of Mary Lee.  That is such a ball of bullshit.. They attacked Maria because they wanted to attack Maria.  And the phrase, I can let the executioner go at you.. Oh so rodeo you are the controlling factor that disperses the executioner, or is that your alter ego..

So, you rodeo thinks I’m gonna get sued for meddling,  on what legal basis?  Because, I became friends with Maria 2 years ago?  Just remember, if this does come about, I get subpoena power and I will tear radionewz ass up and obtain every drop of information on that website and counter sue anyone and everyone involved on radionewz.. You see you’ve already done your worst without anyone encouraging you.. And the libel you have thrown against me along with the others for the last few years is all copied and safely put away.

Just remember, if and when I do hit a courtroom, I take all of your names with me, home address’s, phone numbers and every threat you’ve ever made.. So, you want to dance, you want to find out how much I do know?  The difference between the crazy’s on rodeos and myself.. I don’t put out a fraction of what I do know.. I only allow you crazy’s to know what I want you to know.. So keep threatening me..  And like I said before.. my enemies.. shit your gonna have to stand in line Bitch!!  My suggestion for you Taz…  Thats what you do best..





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