So Many Questions!!!

09 Apr

Serpent, you have really sunk to an all time low..  Rude, Crude, Nasty doesn’t even cover your problems..  How did you know what this Child’s name was?  What has this child ever done to you? How did you know that these records would be in Ft Lauderdale?  These people aren’t associated with the slimy serpent now are they?  You seem to be taking my friendship with this family very personally.  Why?  What is it to you?  So, their not friends of other people u know, Well, thats the way things work.  You actually paid to get this information on this young girl, so you could post it?  Something is seriously wrong with you slimy serpent..  We are back to calling you Fan Head..

Each one of your multi heads must have a different personality? I really think you need to be ashamed of yourself..  What happen the box wine get to you last night?  You can’t handle drinking and computering.. Should be a law against it.. Can’t type and drink ..   You’d be better off sticking to the Hot Tea at night..

Looks to me like the slimy serpent is looking for a down right brawl with this young girls Family..  Your on your own serpent.. ole fan head.. You should take try to name the different heads..


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