Rodeo fell off the Rez

09 Apr

Where do you come up with this crap?  Are you that desperate for something to blog about?You twist the things around so badly that it does appear your marbles are laying around on the floor, having fallen out of the empty cavity of your ears


What disrespect to Steubenville?? Are you truly that insane.. you participated in creating a shambles of that case, you broadcasted terrible things about those families.. put out photos and info on Juveniles..  You helped create havoc in that community, you also made money off of those folks.. You encourage the groups going into Steubenville,  you and your trolls may well have effected that entire court action, and you point a finger at a couple of posters and make that wild comment..  You really are off the charts..  And when the list from the grand jury comes down.. I wouldn’t be surprised if is on that list….. Will we shed a tear for rodeo, hell no..  will we help obtain donations for rodeo, like rodeo did for prinnie… hell no we won’t.. your on your own, and lastly, nothing more that an ill bred hypocrite!!


And you can go back to kissing your own ass crazy loon…..


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