09 Apr

Apparently,  people don’t accept responsibility for what they do to others in life, do they rodeo?

They attempt to control people, threaten people, verbally abuse and insult people and turn around and say.. oh Its just spoof..  When in reality it is plain damn evil. Thats where the narcissism comes in, refusing to accept responsibility, and not giving two shits about any one else in this world..  First one to point a finger at other people, thats your game rodeo..  Well, games up Rodeo..  And I don’t particularly care what you think, or any of your trolls..  Mr. Eddie Boyle is a contributing Author on McGreggorsback.  And he can post any article he wishes and as you have now noticed,


We don’t hide behind usernames Rodeo..  And as far as Marie G. goes, she’s known for over a year about Maria, and who she is and where she’s from.  So, you think your going to be telling people things they don’t already know?  Who’s the dumb-ass now?   And meddling?  Oh the Hypocrite you are.


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