All Time Low…

09 Apr

I received an email from my friend, and she advised me that her brother had posted a response to the photo and listing about his daughter posted on radionewz.  Apparently,  he is not going to be allowed to respond to these issues put out on his child.  In short what ever is put up on rodeo’s that criticize people is allowed and remains, no matter how terrible it is, yet those who are being criticized have no option of responding.  On Mcgreggorsback, I don’t allow comments period, no matter who it is,  but on radionewz you can place a comment, and if they don’t like the comment they remove it.  They do not allow anyone to criticize what they have to say.  Rather a distinct method of abusing the 1st amendment.  Controlling a persons right to freedom of speech.

I am posting the email I received, along with the copy of the comment made.   I am also offering to Mr. Boyle the option of being a guest blogger on my Blog.  He will choose his own username, if he so chooses to accept the offer of being a guest blogger.


April 9th, 2013

All comments made by Guest Bloggers will be the Responsibility of said Guest Blogger.  Mcgreggorsback will not interfere in the Law or any and all Aspects of “The First Amendment” Guaranteeing  all Citizens the “Civil Rights  of Freedom of Speech” of any Guest Blogger on the Mcgreggorsback word press Blog.




And Note:  Only alteration to this email is the covering of the senders email information.  All other content is Original..

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