Oh Me Oh My..

08 Apr

My Goodness people need the crazy’s permission on who or whom to befriend?   So executioner what is it to you, who or whom I associate with.   My goodness the control factors one throws out, you almost sound jealous of who I know and who I’m friends with..  Duh!!   I stopped needing anyone’s permission on friendship when I was 10.. that was a day or two ago..

So lets set the record straight shall we..  There is no sudden developed friendship between Maria, John and I.  We’ve been friends for about 2 years now!!  I just never mentioned it to anyone, because hypocrite.. It was no body’s business who or whom I am friends with or associate with.

As far as Maria’s brother, whom you have blasted as if you know him, and you aren’t suppose to be a friend or an associate of anyone who might know either Maria – John or her Brother, so what gives you the right to discuss anyone.. seems like libel to me!!   I have never spoken with, nor emailed with Maria’s Brother..  But, I assure you after this little tirade that you have put out.. I will make every effort to talk to the man!!   And if you don’t like it.. Shove it!!    Now, just how do you know so much about these people, because the people I know are kind and decent people..  How do you know who these people are enemies with.. Your leaking information here that I’m sure someone wouldn’t want you to leak this stuff out.   Its not me your going to piss off Serpent,  Its the person you mention in here, who gets kind of upset when anyone talks about this person online!! U get my drift here serpent..  Did you get permission to mention anyone’s name??  You gonna get in trouble – snake..   And don’t go telling anyone I told you to do this.. cause slimy serpent, your on your own..  Not my fault you just can’t keep your mouth shut and have to attack people..  Its that alter personality of yours, half snake and half Tasmanian devil.    And I wondered when you’d poke that snake looking face of yours up from under the rocks, and surprise – surprise you came out!!

oh the kimmae

So Serpent,  I told the horse about you too, and he’s laughing his ass off at you !!


And by the way, I have damn good taste in friends,  thats why.. you are not my friend..  And I guess I’m your enemy.. As far as that goes..  Snake.. stand in line.. Cause I have better enemies than you..

For the Trolls.. I want you people to stop for just a moment and think..  All I had to do was mention that I was friends with Maria and John.. Never mentioned a last name.. Yet, immediately they went under attack on rodeos playground of evil wishes..  And now the snake has come back to insult and criticize even the relatives of these people, that I am not even associated with..   Now, do you not see something very odd with this issue?  And why does the executioner care about any of this?  Or have any knowledge about any of these people?   Very strange there serpent..  I think your trying to get yourself in a world of trouble, and not smart enough to just slither back under that rock you live under..  NO – ONE –  CARES  snake!!  Oh by the way.. People’s family and kids are suppose to be exempt, or haven’t you got that memo? Talk about DumbASS..

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