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07 Apr

I was running an ip address today.. Actually it was from an ole email that was sent to me by none other that radionewz….

But what it landed on was just as confusing when I started trying to pull up the websites its suppose to have.  A conference center in Ca?  And a Healthcare place in Knoxville, Tenn.

my goodness this is confusing… Now just why would this ip address land right smack on this place..  Oddly enough Spokeo seems to think the guy lives at the location…. Hmm-mm. wonder how long its gonna take to put this all together so I can visualize it.

Carramerica Realty Corporation
5335 Triangle Pkwy
Norcross, GA 30092

Contact Name: Lonnie Moon

Now, in the real world this guys name is Lonnie J. Moon… ImageImage

Since I have to have a wee bit of time her to digest all of this confusion..  Your gonna have to set there and just watch and wait.. Oddly enough,  there was another IP that showed up on these emails and I ran that one too, and oddly enough that one came back to a location in Woodstock, Georgia.. and the email address was sort of odd.. but I tracked that man too, and he exist.. Oxley’s the name.. 

Actually,  alot of ip address’s came out of those emails.. your not gonna believe what I found, and this is maybe a third of them..  So whats really going on here??  Because When I start running some of these ip address.. the computer programs start dancing..  But the brute force attack on the JSmith’s computer that makes you wonder..  And just what does all of this have to do with radionewz.. the more I dig, the deeper the well…., second time..,,,,,,,,,,,,

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J.Smith170 commented…
Sent a DDos attack to my IP. Did a NMAP scan and tried a brute force attack on some of my open ports after I reset my system. He sent me an email from that matched the same IP address.
April 02 2013 07:06 PM


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