Damn, rodeo banned me AGAIN?

07 Apr

Oh my goodness that just breaks my widdle bitty heart..  Needless to say, it doesn’t stop ole rodeo and the ranch hands from coming over and getting a whittle bitty update from little ole mcgreggorsback,  I have hit big time here folks,  my whittle bitty blog has gotten important enough to be Banned..

And the rodeo posted that all I could see was a banned notice..  Ole rodeo just doesn’t quite get the message.. It thinks it controls the internet… but it doesn’t control the GOOGLE…..

Hello Rodeo….


Darn the rodeo says I can’t see nothing but those red words….. BANNED.. research004

Rodeo, no wonder the horse laughs at you, either you can’t read or you just don’t know how to tell the truth..  seems to me that it says Monroe.. not Wadesboro..  Whats your problem Sow?

guess this means I need to go get another cup of tea before we start discussing several other issues.    Just in case your really curious, while your waiting I’ll give you a little hint of whats coming up next..  A conversation over at Murts last week or so, and the topic was subpoena power..  Now, remember you have to have a case in progress generally to have subpoena power.. Now what does subpoena power mean to the layman..   It means your attorney or you if your acting as your own lawyer, can write up a motion. which is a request for a judge to order a request for information from any specific location or for a specific purpose, or for a witness.  Now with this subpoena power you have an open field when it deals with the open case and the parties involved.  And it also covers the internet and websites and posters, as well we have seen prior in the case against the prinnie.  Stay tuned folks, it might just get interesting.  The show is far from over.

photo reader.

Now, does anyone remember when the rodeo posted this little comment above?  well for some odd reason it appears it might well have something to do with Rodeos latest posting..


Oh yes, rodeo is telling you that there has been a mole in the crowd, and that the mole was collection information and directing LE in other directions.. Now go back to the first one where rodeo is adamant that HLS is after Murt.. But read closer cause you will note that HLS was at Rodeos before it was at Murts..  So, rodeo seems like the mole may have put them on your head first, just how deep was your involvement with the Anon issue in Steubenville ole rodeo?  Why do I get the feeling that rodeo is on the records with the big guys?  Jeez, will rodeo be banning  the FBI, Anon’s and the HLS next?  Don’t worry rodeo, I’ll repost the how to get info from Cache for them.

By the way ole rodeo.. The horse is laughing his ass off at you…


That’s All Folks..  back to the cup of tea.. 🙂

PS..  The hot tea and a slice of coconut cake at 4 in the morning was rather good. You know I would have settled for a  peanut and banana sandwich, but I’m out of bananas.. Darn.

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