Well, Seems like others were busy

06 Apr

I’ve been busy as a bee lately,  family, friends, going over all emails, research.. Even spent some time on arts forum reading back comments.  Wondering if some of the people on there are people we deal with today using other usernames..  During my little hiatus, seems like the Bombshell was hit again, and she’s down bedridden, but of course that doesn’t count .. apparently the rodeo decided to hit her anyway.  Of course the Murt was hit with a few choice commentaries.  Ole rodeo didn’t have anything else to fill the gap, but hit on the Murt.

Hey rodeo, what was it you said about cooking a goose in a few of your past emails?  cooking a goose       goose

We know you said you like teasing around with my Daffy, but did you have to send in the serpent disguised as the Tasmanian she -it -he Devil after me?daffy and the serpent

Well it just seems that ole rodeo is a bit lonely over there and nothing more to do than to pick on the Bombshell and Murt.   I’m back so I guess you’ll make time to pick on me..  Yea, brought the horse with.. still laughing his ass off at you..


Isn’t it amazing how its so much nicer to have someone laugh with you, than laughing at you.. so blog of champions   “one that does battle for another’s rights or honor” “<God will raise me up a champion — Sir Walter Scott>”,  I not only think not,  I know your not !! blog of cruel and evil is the description.

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