Serpent changes career status

04 Apr

Last week the ugly slimy serpent was spewing out legal jargon like it wanted people to think it was intelligent and educated in the legal field,  even blasted a very Powerful – Super Attorney Mr. Doug Roberts, whom by all rights the executioner shouldn’t know anything about Attorney Roberts. Nor should he/she/it care anything about Attorney Roberts. Yet it does.. Knocks that Attorney around like the serpent has good sense.. This of course we know isn’t a fact..

Then I post a photo of a lovely couple from Florida, and you note the serpent doesn’t say anything about the man.. He’s good looking isn’t he serpent?  Yet, the slimy snake goes head over heels into insulting the Lady..  And trying to appear as if the serpent now has a degree in the medical field.. Sort of stretching aren’t you serpent..  first legal.. now medical..    It is apparent, that the serpent is jealous over other women..   So, I guess it all boils down to .. Serpent, this Lady makes you look pretty nasty and bad doesn’t she.  Since I know this lady and know that she is a Super Person, and I also know she would do anything for anyone else..  Sort of knocks the wind out of your sails doesn’t it serpent, can’t hold a candle to her..  If the serpent had a hubby which is doubtful, who would want to live with a slimy snake..  But, if you do..  Don’t you wish he looked half as good as Maria’s Husband..  Ohh..  the snake is Jealous..

By the way,  Now it is also very odd that you went into the Breast implant issues,  since not everyone has breast implants.. there are no tall tale signs.. and only people close to others would even have any type of that knowledge..  So, here we are again..  Ole Doctor Slimy Serpent,  the body expert.. Bet if the snake lived in florida it might have a tan also..  Course most snakes stay out of the sun..  So, the serpent probably looks very pale and rather shitty..

We’re gonna nickname you serpent..  Going to call you the Ole Fan Head..

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