Rodeo changes people not names

04 Apr

Well rodeo, I will be very happy to take up the little challenge you put forth..  And I have my conclusions that you already know..  The original Radio was not Judy Kane, but her name was Judy in fact pretty sure it was Judy Cranford..  I first ran across her on Art Harris’s forum..  And went by the username Radio, now I also know that she was on websleuths, but like the rest of the tribe of wild and ruthless Indians got thrown off. Now, I’m not too sure that both Radio and Blink34 were not the same people at one time or the other.   Now, there was a turn over in late 2010 and radio left.. who entered using her own crazy name was reddios aka altha sood, reddios ran its path early 2011 knowing that subpoenas had been talked about, and it dropped back to radionewz.  Now, deny if you wish but when com-cast gives out the info of the owner of the email address of as Altha Sood.. you got one online.. See, I talked to support at spokeo and got a few unknown details… 🙂  And it was at the same time,  when someone was really trying to mess with the spokeo system and programs.   Needless to say, Altha Sood was out, claimed they sent her sorry ass to Arizona.. And the new rodeo took over..  Oddly enough, I’m pretty sure that this rodeo is primarily a Carol,  with a fill in from someone else.   So.. Who do we end up looking for?  The owner of, and I’m pretty sure I know that guys name too..  Don’t I rodeo?   As far as wanting the executioner investigated, oh yea.. lets start with how many other usernames has the executioner had.. on twitter, scared monkeys, websleuths, art Harris, and blogger news and radionewz forum?   That trashy slimy serpents been around for awhile.. and we will find out who it is..

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