Executioner is Jealous again.

04 Apr

I no more than post a blog segment and executioner is right on it. Must watch my blog religiously, although the slimy serpent wouldn’t have a religious bone in she/he  body. And what does she do?  she/he  tries to insult a lady in a photo that I published.   Must be jealous of the Lady,  since I doubt that the slimy serpent could even look half as good as Maria and no one would ever accuse the serpent of being a lady.. Thats a fact.. I mean come on, we are talking about a slimy serpent who has several  snake heads, I guess she/he  could want to look normal or attractive.. I doubt that would ever happen.

You know, it is common for some so called females to just not get along with other females and have this sudden burst of jealousy.   Searching for some type of reality here, why would the serpent want to insult someone she/he  doesn’t even know?  It is a fact also, the serpent doesn’t even know me, and insults me all the time.. like it has good serpent sense..


Hey Serpent, we found another photo of you, thanks for posing..   Hey if they take your fangs out, they could use for a fan..

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