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This is a prime example of the followers of rodeo,  either it listens to gossip or it has a strange method of coming to conclusions not using the brain that God gave it.  Or maybe she was hiding behind a door when those were passed out.   Here is a woman who thinks shes entered the limelight, she has fussed, cussed, accused others.. threatens them with legal action for doing the same thing she does herself.. Duh!!

Now, I’ve heard over the grapevine that I have multi twitter accounts, and blogs.. and now I know one of the parties who’s started the crap.   To your surprise.. I have to admit.. I have only one Twitter account, and you will note my real name is on the account..  and only one blog.. but if you insist, I will open another and dedicate it totally to you Donna of djay1031, and I have to ask.. why do you combine you and your husbands name on the twitter account?  is he part of it..  Is that your anniversary 10/31.. So we know your Donna and we know your hubby’s name is Jay.. Odd isn’t it to combine both?  Or were you at a loss when you created the account username.  Actually it shows a loss of independence and individualism.

So to make this clear as a bell for someone who cannot think for themselves, The Big Bombshell, Voicing My 2 Cents and Mcgreggorsback are owned by (3) understand  Three individual people, (2) of these are Sisters,  the third one Mcgreggorsback is not related to the other two..  That is call individualism, which apparently Donna, does not understand.  Or is incapable of understanding.

And when you wake up from this delusions that your under..  We are the Truth-Tellers,  We are the Truth-Seekers.. And we also Expose the Truth..  You aren’t smart enough to figure it out.. But, we are here and we are staying, U might come crawling by , when U want to learn the Truth, we have nothing to hide.

So, for your personal information Donna.. I am NOT Voicingmy2cents on Twitter or in the Blog..  I am Mcgreggorsback and I don’t hide and sneak around like you and rodeo and executioner.  You might be very surprised at how many different twitter accounts both rodeo, executioner and holly have.. In reality, you don’t know who the heck your talking to on twitter.  They have you so fooled and manipulated your nothing more than a puppet with all three of them holding on to the strings.  

Stupid is as Stupid does.. And you are Stupid enough to allow them to make a fool of U ..

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