03 Apr

For those who have kept tabs on Murt’s Blog, you are well aware that he lost both his son and his wife.  Both passed on within a short time of each other.  The sadness and pain that he must still suffer over these loses is unbearable, yet he is the survivor who must contend with life without them and living.

What do you find, you find people who have absolutely no concern for others and their feelings, not even those who have passed away.  No respect for other Humans, and they attack this man and talk about his son as if this crazy poster rodeo knew anything about the family, the people themselves or their lives.   This is so cruel and heartless that one has to ask, why isn’t this rodeo person in a mental institution? 

These people linked to radionewz, are the lowest form of humans I have ever encountered. I spoke with a very good friend of mine yesterday, and we discussed these monsters on radionewz, and are in agreement.  As she stated it is evil, evil in the purest form. And we agree this evil is promoted by severe mental illness.  How these people function in society outside of their computer world is amazing.  And for any of their families to learn just how horrid they are, would be devastating for each one them.

Each day, we get closer to complete disclosure on who these people really are in life, and when completely confirmed, I promise there will be no place on the internet for them to hide.  I keep hearing a phrase,  “the reason that lawsuits have been filed is subpoena power.” Now many of you will not understand that phrase, but I do.. I understand it quite well.

So rodeo..  U and the executioner may think your having a day in the sunshine harming and attacking other people..  Ur day is on its way..  And its not either one of you that will be having the last laugh.  I can assure you both.. get ready for OH Shit Moments!!  I hear their coming fast..  U just don’t know from what direction, or from Whom!! 

I can just imagine a Judges face looking at both of you two monsters, and reading the commentaries you’ve put out about people..  U think that Judge will allow either one of U to walk away?  I think not.  So just keep on using that facade of what you refer to as intelligence which in essence is both of you thinking out your nasty asses..

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