It’s the booze talking..

02 Apr

The slimy serpent, is representing itself as being smarter than others.  Needless to say, thats the biggest joke of the month.  You see this is where the lack of intelligence of the serpent shows itself.  Of course hitting the box wine and being in a state of euphoria while doing so..  The serpent as usual is trying to convince itself that it is smarter than others.  This is only part of the crazy snakes attempts to build its own-self up in its mind.

Isn’t it amazing that the executioner seems to come out with information it shouldn’t have?  And when ask where it got this information and why it only singles out certain people to thrash about.   This is where the snake shows its own cowardliness, hiding behind a name and a pretty fake one at that.  Guess it used up all the others it thought was pretty good.   And when its challenged, the only thing the serpent can do is come back with superficial commentaries.. Trying to convince others.

Serpent, no one is impressed by you and they certainly know your lack of intelligence,  and in reality, no one is afraid of you or what you think you can do, its all boxed wine courage that keeps you going.  Amazing what little common sense you show to the world.  So, you think you have Murt on the run..  Big laugh that was..  No more than you have TH or me..    In fact I doubt you would have the capability of fighting your way out of a paper bag..  Probably look better if you put one over your head..   You really need to cut back on the booze, your beginning to sound and act like a drunk who’s brain burned.  Having illusions lately?   We know about the delusions of Grandeur you have frequently..









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