You Really Have To Wonder.

01 Apr

I’ve pointed out to people many times  the strange and bizarre behavior of those who linger at rodeos.  I’ve pointed out the sick and malevolent behaviors, the threats against others, right down to being pure evil in so many cases.  And what does this rodeo person, at least for this week do?  This is an Easter tribute  that I received.


Now take a good Luck at the little bunny ‘s hands.  Reminds me of a twitter account using a small child to display with his middle fingers struck up.. and who’s twitter account would that be.. executioner.  Do I need to say anymore.   Not even on a Religious Holiday do these people have any pride or dignity, nor respect.  These are the people  you want to believe in, have  trust in?  I think not.  These people need to be locked up!!

Those who follow and support, you think this is funny.. wait till the snake turns on  you –  all you have to do is stand against them on anything.. and it will be your turn.  I’ll be watching and waiting.  Think about all of the well known posters who catch the waft.   You would have thought that there use to be bad blood between rodeo and badme, there wasn’t.. just like the issues with pirate, suddenly the war that was began between badme and      and pirate and       was suddenly taken on by rodeo against both pirate and badme, u can fill in your own words.  For such personal hatred displayed by rodeo towards both, you have to wonder WHAT?  WHERE DID THIS COME FROM.. OUT OF THE CLEAR BLUE SKY. 

The reality is.. disagree with them at anytime and its on..  Believe anything they say or encourage and you doom yourself, since the time will come when you wake up and realize where your at and how controlled you are.. Or how much info you’ve made the mistake of turning over to them about your life and family.. I guarantee it will be used against you, just like it was with Susan Earman.. and who did she talk to the most.. oh guess?  RODEO..

And the story goes, Susan was talking to Rodeo on the phone as she drove up to the Motel in Anderson, SC.  She ended the call, walked into the building and checked in.  Got to her room and moments later the clerk was at the door and she was under suspicion of making a prank gas leak call into the Motel..  Seems, just moments after leaving the desk headed to her room, the clerk received the prank call. And the Police and Fire Department were notified. Now, what the surprise was the call was locked in, so the caller couldn’t hang up, when the Clerk and LE got to Susan, found her phone wasn’t locked in.  But, who ever made the spoof call was..  Now why did this occur to Susan?  She wasn’t co-operating, and she was fussing and cussing over issues..  She wasn’t allowing herself to be controlled!!

Funny how this kind, lucrative woman, who out of the kindness of her heard donated money to Lisa Croslin.. but questioned how it was going to Lisa..  Would suddenly turn into such a crazy person..  So, I guess its going to  end up with everyone in the world is crazy except just these few trolls and their followers.

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