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In years past, when Dispatchers with Law Enforcement were required to enter all calls and dispatch of Officers on a paper log,  the FCC Regulations were that these logs could not be destroyed, nor could changes be made such as erasing, or white out on the logs.  A line had to be drawn through any particular comment and initialed.  Also, all of the calls were recorded and kept.  Now, since computers have come about, all calls come in by phone and are recorded, especially 911 calls to the emergency centers.   All data is entered into a computer program and the dispatch information.  Now, this is also regulated by the FCC. Cannot destroy, nor can it be altered.  Now, all Law Enforcement and State Agency’s dealing with Drivers license, Vehicle tags and information is all together in one network, where they have access to a database.  To run a vehicle tag on the street or by a dispatcher, you have to have justification to run the tags.  Such as an Officer stopping a vehicle, and it has to be a justified stop.  You legally cannot approach a dispatcher or LE Officer and ask them, Run this tag for me!!  That is not within procedure and who ever does it, can certainly be written up.. of course too many write ups and their gone!!

Now going back to the dispatch..  Oddly enough, one of these occurred.  Occurred in Putnam County.  All online records on a call received, a dispatch, and a police report, were gone!!  Which means the call and dispatch being removed from the computer system, and it had to be removed since it is an automatic recording and entry system.  And the police report the PCSO didn’t believe it existed since all of the other criteria could not be found.  SURPRISE..  Late October 2010, the police report was found.. not in the computer as it was suppose to be.. but the other criteria did not exist any-longer.  Now, you have to ask yourself, who would have done this.. Had to be someone with access to the computer system and the reports and the dispatch info.  Point being, they did..   Why,  what did this information have any importance or relevance?

It was the 911 call to the emergency services in Putnam county, Florida.  Made by Sarah Sheffield on April 26-27th, 2009, from the Haleighbug Center. And the report made by the responding PCSO Officers was the report that was missing for a year and a half.  Now as you absorb this information..  Ask one question of yourself..  Why was this done?  Why this call, this dispatch and this report?  Who could have done such a thing, and why?

Now, I also want you to remember, as I said this occurred by the end of October 2010. By January 1, 2011 Haleigh was replaced on the Amber Alert as a missing child.  An entire new group of detectives were working on the missing child Case.  This alone speaks very clear,  PCSO apparently had a wake up call..  and PCSO apparently found new information to work on, and  enough information to determine that Haleigh was alive and a missing – endangered child.

So, the next time any of the creatures from rodeos or elsewhere on the web began screaming that Haleigh is a child passed on..  that she was murdered..  Apparently, if you want to believe that  vile crap go ahead, PCSO doesn’t.. and apparently they have enough evidence to determine someone is working against the system, and not with it.   Also remember, PCSO declared they would not make any arrest in the Haleigh gone missing case, UNTIL..  They locate Haleigh.

Just remember, when I ask the executioner or rodeo questions about their knowledge on different things.. I always have a good reason.

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