Slimy Serpent Strikes Again

31 Mar

You know absolutely nothing about my life.. Where I live, what I do,  who I live with.. And for your information  Serpent, My daughter owns two homes.   Can you say as much for yourself ? And since you represent yourself as having legal  knowledge of what attorneys do or don’t do..

No one mentioned Pro Bono on any case now did they.. only you.. have pro bono on your brain Bitch?   Try the phrase contingency ..   Do you know what Contingency is??   As far as what Bill does or doesn’t do is totally up to him and his  Attorney..  One I think the world of..  Attorney Doug Roberts..    Maybe you’ll keep running you slimy serpent tongue and Doug might just volunteer to go pro bono to get You!!   Now you know who Doug Roberts is? Don’t you Serpent?    He’s a  Powerful – Prominent Attorney in South Florida..  He’s been doing Legal work as a Construction Lawyer for years, which means Slimy  Bitch..  He does Criminal and Civil Law..  You might read up on him a little bit, I hear he takes no prisoners and he wipes t he court room floor up on other Attorneys ..  And when he decides to go after people, he doesn’t stop..    And you never know, if Bill changes his mind and adds another attorney to the list.. I’ve heard of another Doug in Southern Florida..  So, I’m sure Bill will be just fine with his choices..  Keep running your slimy serpent mouth and he may come after you!!    You and I.. Oh Serpent we will have our day..

So, now its time to start looking for CEO’s of CNN and HLN and looking for Ted Turners contact numbers..  You know how the internet is.. its all out there..  Fixing to have made a fool of yourself,  like who do you think you are to hear rumors from the top side..  These people don’t shimmy down to the slums to pass out info..  And it would be their attorneys remember.  Oh yes, think you overlooked something..  Maybe you need to refresh your knowledge on what the procedures are for doing a documentary on people..  Dumb Ass,  as big a blow fish as rodeo..

An easy start:  Following him on Twitter already >    Scot Safon

Scot Safon

Scot M. Safon is Executive Vice President, CNN Worldwide/General Manager, HLN, where he is responsible for the management of the HLN television network.   HLN is the former CNN Headline News network and is home to some of the fastest-growing news and information programming on television, including MORNING EXPRESS with ROBIN MEADE, NANCY GRACE, DR. DREW and THE JOY BEHAR SHOW.   Most recently, HLN and each of its programs set new audience records with the network’s coverage of the Casey Anthony trial, which resulted in the highest-rated month in HLN history.   In September 2011, HLN will launch, the network’s first web platform.

Prior to running HLN, Safon served as CNN Worldwide’s Chief Marketing Officer, overseeing marketing, promotion and branding campaigns on behalf of all CNN US, CNN International, and HLN content and news coverage.   His teams marketed and promoted the brand during CNN’s award-winning coverage of the 2008 and 2004 Presidential Elections, Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, the war in Iraq and the Southeast Asia Tsunami disaster.  The group’s promotional campaign for the top-rated God’s Warriors was awarded the first-ever national Emmy Award for news tune-in promotion in 2007.  Promax/BDA has honored Safon and his team for campaigns including Black in America, America Votes 2008 and Planet in Peril.   Safon and his staff led the charge on CNN’s groundbreaking Inauguration Day partnership with Facebook, which resulted in hosting the largest online video event in internet history.

Prior to joining CNN in late 2002, Safon was senior vice president of marketing for Turner Network Television (TNT).    He was a key member of the team that launched the network’s long-standing “We Know Drama” branding in June 2001.

Before joining TNT, Safon was in the ad agency world, handling campaigns for the CBS Television Network, working on campaigns for CBS Sports, CBS News and CBS International.  He began his career as an account executive with D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles, Inc., developing advertising campaigns for national consumer brands, including Pampers, Pepto-Bismol and Kal Kan Foods.

Safon earned a bachelor of arts degree in economics and history from the University of Virginia and a master’s of business administration from Cornell University.

And Ted Turner.. Oh golly gee whiz, Ted has a website.. with contact information.. wow..

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Never doubt I will make contact with both of them.. and I will leave a photo copy of your posting with both of them.. Your seeking fame and attention in the wrong place serpent .. And I have no doubt their going to wonder what in the hell is wrong with that crazy executioner. But, of course as usual you make a damn fool of yourself..

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