Gonna have a good laugh this week..

31 Mar

Let’s set back and watch as the games unfold this next couple of weeks..  Now, the slimy serpent thinks its identity is protected over the radio issue..  But, it has forgotten that it spins its crazy tail around twitter.. Lets see how many twins to you currently have on twitter?  Well I think I know of three.. One we won’t mention at this point, but 4freespeech and loadstar are pretty good guess’s. Of course we don’t want to forget the executionerreal..   Now, I know of  several ways to get the information off of rodeos, I guess you were hoping I wouldn’t have a clue.. But I do..   The site may be running off shore, but any good detective could tell  you, all it takes in anyone of the three locations it tags, that a subpoena can bring home the bacon..

And to boot this crazy ass slimy snake, starts picking on a high powered attorney in South Florida..  Who has grit..  Do you know what I mean by Grit serpent.. I mean, you might be looking at trouble walking and if he decides he wants to find your sorry ass.. He will find it.. I will be happy to help him do so.  After all its not impossible, and it would tickle me pink to watch your sorry ass being dragged around a court room like trash on the floor..  🙂    Know you followers  have to ask  questions again..   How would the executioner know what Florida Construction lawyers do?  How would the execution know what salary a Florida Construction attorney might make a year?  Why would execution care about the cobra issues,  or who his attorney is.. And lastly, how does this executioner know  Attorney Doug Roberts?  Care to fill in the gaps executioner?

Now, the last few questions.. Does Attorney Doug Roberts know you, slimy serpent?  Does he know you by name or where you work or play?  Does this mean you live in Florida serpent?

Too much of that box wine and you run your mouth too much..  So, where are the answers?

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