Showing it’s True Colors

30 Mar

Well, as usual rodeo is showing itself out to be just exactly what an evil – selfish, cruel creature that it truly is. By the way rodeo, I would never wish to see you dead, or have to worry about going to your funeral.. I have a concept in life.. If someone is unkind, cruel, evil, mean or selfish in life. I don’t enjoy going to funerals where people stand up and talk so nicely about them, knowing what they really were. If I can’t say something nice about you in life, I guarantee I wouldn’t in death. It is as it is.. And I do believe in Karma.. so while your wishing a group of us are going to die.. well you need to keep a look over your shoulder for the grim-reaper.


Because you crazy one.. its likely to happen to you!! You know your problem in life.. You can’t turn the truth off coming from others and this is your desperate attempt.. Sad but True.. your a sad sad creature.. And those around you that bolster your crazy ego.. are just as sad as you are.


By the way rodeo… not a favorite of the horses I might add.. horse-yuck

I’m still here !! Alive and Well !! bit of sinus from the barometric pressure, had my oatmeal and OJ and lots of coffee this morning. If there are any changes in my life form, we will keep you posted.. But it looks pretty good for the weekend.. So, rodeo.. better take care of your glass house and leave mine alone.. or as you keep throwing the line out.. Rodeo, “You Can Kiss My Pretty Pink Ass!!”

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