Executioner blowing it out its ear!!

30 Mar

Let me tell you a little secret Executioner..  Ted Turner is not that stupid to produce a documentary like that, and Art Harris isn’t either.  Nor any of the producer of HLN .. you can wish upon any star you want, but I assure you it isn’t going to happen.  Why must you and your followers ask.. They have way too much money to loose!!   I would be the first to show up with an attorney filing against everyone of them, and when I win the case, I’ll have enough money to throw away and track your sorry ass all the way to hell and back and sue you!!!  So, keep on mouth..  you silly slimy serpent..  Oh and by the way.. you need to tell your idiot buddy over there at rodeonewz, that Christ was crucified on Good Friday, and in a tomb.. He Rose on Easter Morning, which this is still the day he would still be in the tomb. In short..  Christ rises by Sun Up Tomorrow Morning..   you guys need to work on your Bible History there Serpent..

Serpent, I will contact the head of HLN and I will contact Ted Turner and ask them about this little Rumor.. And I can assure you when the response comes back that this is Serpent bull shit, then I will post it on every nook and cranny of the internet.. and I don’t give a shit about Harris.. Like I said.. if it comes down to lawsuits, that’s gonna be executioner tracking bucks..


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