Blowing Hot Air

30 Mar

As usual rodeo can’t continue with its day without trying to defuse the truth told about itself and its close friends.  So, those who write blogs that expose the lies and imagination of rodeo are deemed Bloat fish..  Well would seem to me that rodeo needs to consider the aspect of it being considered nothing more than a “blow-fish”  filed with lots of hot air and bs..


As per what Nikki might or might not do with her Blog..  Rodeo your nothing more than a hypocrite, as to how many different people use your website and blog.  So, simple to say, if Nikki wishes to share,  what right do you have to say one word ?  HYPOCRITE..  Each and everyone of those who use your site, hide like cowards behind simple little usernames.  People should make the conclusion, if your afraid of posting under your own name or identifying yourselves..  That in itself is an admission of guilt knowing what you do is illegal, and your afraid of being prosecuted and having law suits filed up your asses. In time.. In time.

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