It has to be true.. I read it it on the Internet!!

28 Mar

There is currently an Insurance Commercial out, where the woman keeps reflecting as Well it has to be true, you can’t lie on the Internet.. Where did she read that.. On the Internet. There was a time, that you could swear that if you read it in the newspaper or heard it on tv.. Then it had to be true. Well that was before the NY Post was busted for lying. And TV well, I learned that pretty fast when I realized how Nancy Grace was getting her updates on the Haleigh case.. Her primary reporter was getting all of its news from bloggers, and I realized it was always a week behind. So, the determination, I knew about the breaking news a week before Nancy Grace was putting it out. Yea, you can believe everything you hear on tv right? And if it is coming from bloggers on the internet, you can believe them also? Haven’t we gone through another issue of people reporting things they heard from other bloggers?

So, there you go. You can’t believe everything on the internet, TV, newspaper or word of mouth from blogger to blogger, will posters and bloggers deceive you. Oh yes, bet your life on it, and manipulate you into believing what they want you to believe. Again, you have to make the determination who can you believe. Okay, can anyone give me an example of who they might believe said this or that? If you watch the news, you find Congressional Officers, CIA Directors, FBI agents and Directors, Governors, State Attorney Generals, Law Enforcement Officers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, Judges, Home Land security Officials and Officers, people from all walks of life, that are charged daily with either lying, stealing, molesting children, child porn, even to the point of murder. And each one of these people have taken an Oath.. These are just the professionals, those we teach our children to believe in, to trust. Professionals don’t lie, cheat or steal? Yes, they do. So who can you trust. Only those you know well enough to make the determination that you can believe in what they say. And the first time you sense someone is not being completely honest with you, that is being secretive, or manipulating you with this.. Oh I’m so mistreated bull shit. Think about it really hard. If you know this person to be very strong and determined, they don’t whine about things, they handle them.

And you really need to look at the evidence such as in the Haleigh case. There wasn’t any !! And if there is no evidence, there is no foul play .. Got to look at all the facts, before you jump on another persons bandwagon.

Come on Folks.. In the Haleigh case.. Just like the Caylee case.. you had psychics, and long distance viewers and they weaved stories back and forth. Me? I don’t have a psychic hat..
Is Haleigh alive or is she not. I believe and always have that she is alive. And I so believe that PCSO knows far more about the case than people know, in fact I know they do. And a reality check here folks, if they did not believe Haleigh was alive this case would be deemed cold.. Yet, it isn’t. It is very much an ACTIVE case and they check out every lead they come across. Yet there are those out in the world of internet bloggers and posters who are relentless in wanting the world to think Haleigh is no longer of this world. This is where you people need to wake up and determine, someone has an agenda here folks!! And your falling right smack into the spiders web of illusions. Just remember, Haleigh is a Turners Girl, and within the next year or so her growth will stop, she will not mature much in her features. Which means, if there is an accurate updated photo of Haleigh at the age of 10 she will look the same when she is 25. How much will she remember at the age of 10? Only the traumatic occurrences in her young life? Will she remember her family in Putnam? Yes!! Will she remember people she knew or met when she was 5, or during her abduction or the time period thereafter. I think so!! When Haleigh turns 16 and well aware of who she is, will she allow this silence to continue? Will she want to return to Putnam to see her Grandmother and Great-grandmother? Will Ron’s loss of parental rights for Junior also include Haleigh, grandfathered in? Why were Ron’s parental rights terminated, I don’t know.. But they were. I had inside info on this. So it is a FACT..

One other question I have to ask.. I really want people to set back and ask the question.. Whats wrong with this picture? All of the following people have been deemed crazy, liars, worthless, criminals, alcoholics, and druggies.. And all but two had dealings with the Haleigh case. Cobra, Don Knop, Tim Holmseth, BLStarke, Karen Simmer, Wayanne, Simon, Me, Noreen, Becca, Pirate. The other two were involved with the Lisa Croslin case, Susan E. and Harriett S. Now, if you have such a group of people, and each who have voices, and those voices need to be shut down. How do you do that?
You deem all of them crazy, liars, worthless, criminals, alcoholics, and druggies so others think they are as projected and turn their backs on these people. It isn’t that they disagree with those who want control, it is the fact they know way too much information, and that has to be shut down. Remember, when rodeo kept telling people on its blog, how dangerous I am? I’m dangerous because of my research and my KNOWLEDGE!! Think about it.

So bloggers out there, you have choices to make.. you can start by seeking the truth. Do your own research.. Think seriously, why would all of these people listed be placed into the same criteria? What do they know.. How dangerous to others is their knowledge? The dangerous is not in physical harm, it is in exposure. There is a question I want each of you to ask yourselves.. Pirate aka pirate-girl. From the beginning of mid march 2009 Pirate was deeply involved in the case of Haleigh gone missing. She / He was a member of the Internet Staff, a poster and a blogger. She / He was also a member of web-sleuths. She / He was given more information than any of the others, trusted more with delicate information. She / He followed instructions on who to communicate with, the information to use, and when to turn the info around, also the Liaison – trusted blogger who leaked and researched for and with TJ Hart. She / He was to protect the known character of Crystal Sheffield, and the family. She / He was to deny and to fill in the gaps with info. So, Pirate had a big job, and wore big shoes to do so.. Now, when the situations arose and changes were made, and Crystal and Marie decided to file a complaint, it was Pirate at the helm. Pirate compiled the complaint from details She / He had along with Crystal and Marie. Now since that fated time Sept 2009 through Dec 2009. Pirate has been continually harassed and accused and tore to ribbons. What did Pirate do to deserve this mass destruction thrown at her/him.. In all honesty, I would have to say Pirate was trying to tell the truth, clear the air, protect the family, and admit to the wrong doings that she / he had been involved with. Now, I don’t know about the rest of you.. but when someone stands up and admits to wrong doing, and tries to make amends, and protect the family. I have to respect that person. Its always easier to tell a lie than to tell the truth. Only people with character and wanting to do the right thing, stands up and tells the truth. Now, what did Pirate receive in response for being brave and standing her/his ground.. years of absolute hell!! Now, there is one issue that I have not yet been able to figure out.. What was going on between Pirate and rodeo? Go back over all the post, all the blogs.. and you never find one written statement between them, until October / November 2009. When Pirate just flat out went down rodeos throat and made references to the complaint, and it appeared so very personal. For sometime Pirate and I communicated, we had chosen to agree to disagree on certain aspects of the case. And She / He was open and candid about what had occurred and why. For those who try to implicate Pirate into being on twitter or attacking. Forget it.. Pirate has rejoined society, and has nothing to do with any of the garbage online on twitter or anywhere else. Any Pirate that shows up on Twitter is a fake and a phony.. Only to be used for the entertainment of Rodeo and crew.

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