Who, What, Where and Why?

25 Mar

The executioner went after Cobra Staubs and the article about Cobra’s story on Simon’s.  Now the question is,  what does this have to do with  the executioner?  Why would the executioner care who Cobra is, or his past?  To my knowledge there has been no online contact between the executioner and Cobra Staubs, any more than communication between the executioner and Simon,  Harriett Sweat, Timothy Holmseth.  So what is this all about?  The executioner appeared about a year ago online, and has been raising cane at certain people now for sometime, that there is no link developed, or none we are suppose to know about.

I’ve ask these questions before.. who is this executioner who has such a developed dislike, and hatred for people, when it wasn’t around any of them.   Seems the executioner always has inside info on people, Th what goes on in his life, what he can expect to occur in his world..  comments against Fysty, when did the executioner ever  have anything to do with Fysty?   Then hate comments against Noreen.. what would the executioner know about Noreen, or care what Noreen did some 4 years ago?  Now onto  Simon and Cobra?   Slimy Serpent your claws are showing, and you have no reason or justification to go after these specific people..  I smell something wrong here..  maybe its just serpent odor..

I find it so amazing this creature that crawled out from under a pile of rocks, hates so many particular people.  And it does it on twitter and it does it on radionewz.. someone on radionewz has a problem letting that slimy creature on-board, but of course you know how it is..  birds of a feather.. or is it birds of prey.. much like vultures I do think.  needless to say, it is a mystery why this creature of  the lurking night would bash people it isn’t suppose to know..  How does it know if Cobra is heavy..  or a fatty.. when did it meet the Cobra??    Why is it important  to this slimy serpent if  cobra ever had a mugshot.. is there one out in cyberspace of the executioner?  some type of  police report?   We know your a low life executioner, that doesn’t mean Staubs is does it.. how would you know anything about him?  As far as Simon and Jan, well these two people just like Harriett Sweat would give people the shirt off their backs.  Would be there for them through thick or thin..  you serpent would rip a persons arm  off and let them bleed to death,  if you thought it would benefit you.. see the difference..   And who are you to talk about Don Knop..  how do you know Don.. he’s never mentioned knowing you… and what is his life past or present have to do with you?  what do you know other than bull shit you pass on..  You talk and act and bash all of these people like you have a reason to be against them..  what reason??    The fact remains.. apparently it isn’t justified.. which means  your full of shit..  and no one cares..   Crawl back into the basket rodeo keeps you in..

exercu on staubs


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