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I ran across an article this morning on a man that was convicted of a murder some 23 years ago in Brooklyn NY. The conviction was overturned recently when they discovered, that the police had rigged the line up.. You know in my opinion, that’s pretty damn sorry.. I rather have this old fashion belief that if someone is convicted of a crime, and pays dearly for the time spent behind bars, that they should be truly guilty of that crime.. not maybe, or well must have been, or well he’s paying for other crimes committed, it just caught up with him.. NO.. I mean, absolutely guilty, and if that can’t be proven.. Then the case should continue until they do find the guilty person. Needless to say this man spent 23 years of his life serving a sentence for a murder, he did not commit.

We’ve talked about setups before on this blog. Here is an example of one such issue, which I believe is without doubt a setup..


Why would this be a setup, you ask? Well, this is out of character for ole rodeo to begin with. Second, there seems to be a bit of issues between rodeo and “BringItAlready” and rodeo and others, and rodeo would not be offering anyone up as an offering. So, was this setup per-say, for BringItAlready or hoping to catch any fish that nibbled on the line? I can assure you, rodeo did not do this as a kindness from its heart. Simple speaking rodeo doesn’t have one to offer anything from.. And if it does do anything which resembles a kindness, you need to know in your own heart and mind it would benefit rodeo only. Now I set back and thought about Murts post on this issue, and wondered if Murt had any idea what might well be going on? I hope not. But, I might add, the first three words in the title of Murts story, whispers in my ear. So, I would suggest to BringItAlready, don’t ever bite.. Just keep ignoring the whole damn thing and remember there would never be a real offer, its only fishing.

Me, If I want any information pertaining to Haleigh.. I’d contact Gary Bowling at PCSO. I think he would have the answers. And if he didn’t share them then I know its too pertinent to the case, Searching for Haleigh. Oh by the way, anyone keeping up with Simon Barrett’s new article. Quite interesting,

Finally Some Justice For William Cobra Staubs?
Posted on March 19th, 2013
by Simon Barrett in All News, Society and Culture
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Quite an interesting article.. one comment within that caught my eye..

“The next STEP is for him to seek recompense from THOSE that harmed him. At the forefront are the Continental Heritage Insurance company and one C.E. Parish. The documents are filed, Continental were served today, but in a move of great irony, C.E Parish will not get his until tomorrow, the fourth anniversary of the start of Cobra’s adventure.”

I remember the case also, Cobra talked about it extensively in the past. I can see a flurry of depositions and subpoenas and witness’s called into this case. One memory that keeps coming to mind, was a comment of videos.. videos that disappeared.. hmm. My suggestion.. keep an eye on this lawsuit, its going to prove very interesting. Yep, sure seems like The Cobra has come out Fighting!!

Click to access SummonsandComplaint.PDF

Oh, and by the way I wanted to mention this.. Guess who his Attorney is.. One of my favorites.. Doug Roberts.. Yes, we’ve talked about Doug Roberts before. Quite an interesting man. He’s done Construction law for sometime, which if people don’t quite understand that term, he represents Construction Companies and their cases, which would be either Criminal or Civil. See he has the ability and knowledge to do both. He’s a multi tasker with the Law.

With this case gonna keep my eyes and ears open wide.. Because, I remember what Bill said a year ago, about the time he was being bashed and stalked and harassed on twitter. And my ultimate question would be.. Who’s next?

Why you ask? Well, it goes like this.. if Bill wins this lawsuit, its not just money he would collect, but it would also clear him of any wrong doing.. like what he was arrested for.. Which means that his arrest and the charges against him were not justified.. which means that it would be deemed having been a false arrest based on false information, and that’s when liability runs a muck, who, what, where, when involved. Remember how long it took PCSO to arrest Cobra? This case occurred in March 2009 with Parrish, and Cobra wasn’t arrested until late May 2009. Yep, took two months to finally get PCSO to charge him..

This is another case that needs to be on HLN or CNN.. As soon as I find out the date of the Trial, will make sure it’s posted.. Going to be exciting.. Oh by the way, if these people who harmed him makes it down to the Twitter post that Bill received, all those deleted post, they will be revived – Doug Roberts has all of them already, he’s had them now for over a year. Anyone ready for an “OH SHIT MOMENT” THE COBRA IS COMING!!

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