23 Mar

Thats the best the executioner can do?  The serpent strikes again..  Now, I’m suppose to be jealous of the prinnie..  That must have taken you hours to figure out, and thats gonna cover the truth that was told about prinnie.  Come on serpent you could do better than that, can’t you..  Oh by the way, you seemed to strike out at Holmseth using the same material I said about you.. You talking about yourself again..  We discussed  this.   The issues of you taking your own problems in life and your emotional and mental problems and casting them off on someone else.

You must have been hitting that box wine with the rodeo again, but this time you don’t have the option of delete like you do on twitter.  Gotta get permission from the big boss before you can start tampering with the rodeo site..  Right..  I found a drawing for you, rodeo and holly..  seems to fit quite well.  As usual, your holding up the ass end of things.


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