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I have intentionally not posted on Goddard’s  self proclaimed – claim to fame..   I ran across the article on  yahoo, which was deeming this woman as a hero in the Steubenville Rape Case.   Which in my opinion..


This woman isn’t a hero,  she found a rape case in a newspaper ad, and decided to jump on it.  She was able to obtain a copy of the original police report, which by normal procedure is only going to list a few paragraphs of data.  The rest of the report would be placed on a supplemental report which is not, and I repeat not obtainable by the public!!  Therefore, this person decided because no details were available.. there must be a coverup..   Between her and her  cronies, her bloggers they came up with this wild tale of woe involving law enforcement and the case.  Needless to say if your son is a football player at the school in Steubenville, or if your a parent of a child who is a football player..  Then corruption is  your middle name.   We shall see shortly, just how long lived this fame of hero last as the  Grand Jury determines who is who and  who started the bull shit to begin with and I can guarantee you, Goddards name is going to me on the list handed to that Grand Jury.  She can delete all she wishes, but too many people kept tabs on her garbage she posted, and I wonder just how many people will willingly send copies to the Grand Jury.. Just to make sure that Goddard doesn’t slip out of their vision.   You know, she even claimed the harassment she received over her releasing this information, put her in the hospital.. Needless to say, she was running from a subpoena  server when the hospital issue came in, now wasn’t she..   Were they harassing her, HELL NO.  She was being served because she was being sued!!  Hero my Ass!!

So, one should ask Goddard,    Do you have any idea how many law suits are going to be headed in your direction?   Oh when it comes down and all the truth comes out, we will make sure that CNN knows they’ve been had..  Another question to ask..  who helped set this interview up with CNN?   Who ever it was,  your gonna look pretty stupid when the truth comes out, see if your ever given the time of day by CNN again..    Me, I’m gonna lmao..

By the way, notice she didn’t mention her good buddy ?  kyanonymous or Mr. Francis!!  Guess they didn’t need the exposure from the article..

My comment to the article on Goddard!!  – Blogger Who First Exposed Steubenville Rape Tweets Speaks Out —-  

This so called brave woman entered into the picture by blogging information she obtained from other bloggers, not the truth, not reality. Doubt that, then take time to listen to her little interview on the rosy radio show.. What did she bring to the case in Ohio? In the end the result there were threats against the Sheriff, the Police Chief, witness’s, the victim. Through intimidation and untruths, all on the cusp of a law suit against her for blogging information against a Juvenile. Since a Grand Jury has been called, and will be passing down indictments, one has to ask.. will one be for this so called brave woman? If the interference in this case in this case not been as intensified as it was, witness’s would have willingly come forward. The trial might well have had a more intense impact in the community without this woman or anonymous interference. So, before you set back and believe what you reading here in the article or the posters who are part of this brave woman’s followers ..
Seek the truth..
I for one do not believe this woman deserves this 15 minute fame she is being given!
Another issue, both the victim and the boys involved in this case were all juveniles, their identity was suppose to be protected by law, and by law their identity should never have been released to the public. Why don’t you people ask this brave woman, who released the victims name on the internet. Another issue one needs to ask, if legal cases can be interfered with so badly by internet posters and bloggers.. Where does the issues of having a fair trial stand? And can this interference occur again and again. The reality here, this woman’s article has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the victim or preventing rape. This promoted article is self serving only for Goddard herself. Ask about the case in Texas and this brave woman’s interference..
If you want to stand up and stop the issues of rape in your community, then why don’t you join the already established programs and groups in your own communities to promote education, and help prevent these crimes from occurring. If you check with your local law enforcement and begin working with them instead of against them. You might well find prevention and protection for your own communities. Ranting and raving on the internet and interference in legal process’s is not the answer.

For those who wish to be a contributor on the yahoo network..  and give honest and truthful information….. here’s the link…

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