10 Mar

I’ve told Altha, and “the executioner”, radionewz slimy serpent.. your posting innocent peoples address’s, phone numbers, town..  You don’t get it..  Now, who is shiloh?  well, I’ve thought about what your real name is, and the following crossed my mind, are you carol or is it possible you might be an art?  Or is it a red?  Now, we know Judy went back to her real life and Christian friends.. I’m sure Altha has now decided it’s time to move on.. And as far as high Officials looking into my blog, send them over.

You people are dense, I am not afraid of Law Enforcement.. Anything I have on my computer I have no problem sharing with them or the court systems.  You guys have more to fear that I do if LE knocks at my door.   You always have, so throw out the veiled threats, you found them on rodeos old scripts she left behind.

I can see it now, you calling the Anson county Sheriff and saying I wanna report that Mary lee that lives on Mcray ave in Wadesboro.  And when he says, what did she do, and your response well, she’s exposing our bad behavior on the internet.. And he would say oh really and what bad behavior do you do on the internet?  Then if by chance he listened and went over to the Mary Lee on Mcray ave. And see this is where you guys are really stupid, there’s a husband that lives on mcray .. duh  So that makes that Lee family a husband and wife.  And this lee doesn’t have a husband. “Oh My God”, its one of those Oh Shit Moments coming on.  And if by chance the Lee family on mcray ave don’t even have a computer, which is quite possible in those little rural communities…  Then someone needs to tell you, that there are 1080 Mary Lee’s in NC..  Somebody needs to go get a nose job, cause now your nose is beginning to grow.  And the Sheriff is gonna get real pissy over this call, and will probably call you back, along with calling the Sheriff and Chief of Police from the area code you leave when you make your call in the first place.. So, go for it.. cause your so smart and intelligent its just shinning..   And we all know, that when Home land security landed in December 2012 it landed on the website so who’s the fool now!!

You apparently had something over there they were interested in, and they have the smart guys working for them.  What if they find out that I’m living on the west side of Atlanta.. Oh my goodness..  Or that I’m living down in Charleston on the island.. Gosh, I could be living in Va….   Or maybe in Hardin County, Tenn  Where the Battle of Shiloh was fought, and the Confederates establish what was known as the Hornets Nest, big day for the Confederates.. Never know, I could be heading back down to St. Pete’s for vacation..  Or I could go down to the gulf and spend some time, on the gulf.. or shoot on over to San Antonio.. How about I might be heading to NM.  You also know I have friends and family in Oklahoma and Colorado, oh yes, New York,  and Ohio, Florida, Ga, SC, Tenn, Mississippi, La, Arizona, California, Washington State, North Dakota,  Montana, Minn, Michigan,  So, you never know where I might be..  And a couple of friends in Canada..   So  I guess you need to keep looking, but I do warn you.. One of the Mary Lee’s in NC is an Attorney, and there is a Mary Lee thats a magistrate Judge.. so you better be real carefully in not choosing one of those two..  Now, that takes the count down to 1077.  You might ask the Folly, if she’s been over to WPAFB  in the last few years, do they still have the Orville and Wilbert Wright Museum?  And by the way, I have already made a complaint to lexisnexis about my background being checked and information posted on the internet.   As I advised them, it is very odd that when an individual wishes to check their own background information with them, that they must provide adequate proof of identity to acquire their own information, yet others can do background checks on them and allow the same info to be posted.  Gosh, that leaves an electronic paper file in lexusnexus database!!!  Wanna know who else I’ve contacted with inquiries?  Like maybe Florida DMV on Registrations on vehicles owned by people?  And posted on the internet!!

Oh by the way dense one.. I could write an eBook /paper-book about the ex- passed away Sheriff of Otero County, NM and there isn’t a darn thing bad about it.. We can call it a Autobiography !!  Which in short means, I can say anything damn thing I want about the man and his family.. But you can’t..  Wonder why.. Maybe thats because you would only post lies and crap and libel, as usual.. Thats all that ever  comes out of  lies, crap and Libel.

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