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08 Mar

What an amazing week, I haven’t blogged all week.. My Granddaughter is doing very  well, her surgery went off without problems.  I’ve posted a bit here and there..  And suddenly to my surprise there is newz at hand.. Seems like we no longer have a rodeo to throw stones back at, and I’m still convinced that either Rodeo is Altha Sood Trigg,  or she is using another persons identity.  And Rodeo has left the building.. Of course she left another person in charge named ..   Now, just who and what is this Shiloh or is it rodeo under an new disguise.   Really won’t make any difference since reality has shown that all of the muck rodeo has thrown at murt, simple settles back in her camp..  Home Land Security in its visit in Early December,  landed on first.  If this doesn’t tell people anything, then the followers of rodeo are really very dense.

So just where does the name come from and what does the Name Shiloh mean?  The word Shiloh is of Hebrew origin and the meaning of the word is ‘His gift”.

Now with choosing such a name, you would honestly  think that this person would have good within its heart.  Watching it attach itself to, shows me it had no idea the value within the name and chose it for a lack of finding something else.   You know the aspect of being Good and Honest versus so taken up with crude doesn’t quite match. and the illusion its spinning about what a great friend ole rodeo is, and how we are nothing without the rodeo.. Its made us who we are.. Yet the concept that we are bad and evil thrown at us, the group so totally disliked, doesn’t help that reflection of the name.

So just what makes Murt, Holmseth, Nikki or  I so bad?  Why, because we speak the truth, we bring out the bullshit that has occurred in the past.  The biggest issue they have, they are unable to silence anyone of us.  And it has been discovered exactly what and how really works.  It is going to be a corporation.. The poster rodeo is going to be hired help.  The need to run rss feed on twitter stops rodeo from posting so much on twitter, and using radionewz to throw out the crap. Plus the consistent need to keep blogging every day would be a job requirement.  Remember, you don’t make money if you don’t blog..

Now, a concept was brought up by a new poster on twitter.  A brand new account, but the people it follows tells its own tale.. First on the list is nursebeme.  First one chosen to follow, one has to wonder why.  Wouldn’t be the first time that nurse would be involved in a situation. Surprised Papa isn’t on the list.  Now, this new poster has come out with guns blazing and after radionewzblog and those who follow around by the nose, such as the folly, who really doesn’t have much to say..   Something else came out about Folly’s hubby in trouble for a video?  Well if hubby is in trouble, guess folly is too!!  Bottom line.

Next on the list of Newz items was the posting of comments by “Behindtheyellowtape”,


Now the question’s on these two postings.  How did such a nice guy, like Joey Ortega manage to be so fooled by Prinnie?   Maybe its a guy thing, the women have a way of manipulating men when the communicate with them.. Its the soft voice and poor me stories put out, and the men apparently feel so complelled to be their protectors in life that the result’s are when the men wake up.. It is major oh shit moments of I’ve been had, been lied to and walked on like dirt..  The one aspect these men don’t know or even can understand, is while they are being the brave protective men, these sorry ass women are standing behind these guys ready to drive a stake through their hearts, sheerly because they were able to use these men, and their lies were believed.. And to boot, these women are actually laughing at them behind their backs.  I noted that Joey stated, It was his fault for trusting her,  sad comment that Joey makes taking the blame for an evil woman’s actions in abusing and using him.   No, Joey its not your fault.   Its her fault for being the evil female troll that she is, and taking advantage of your trust and kindness.  Your not the only man that gets taken down the path by a woman with bad intentions.   Maybe someone should write a book and name it,  “The guidebook on women’s tactics against men”. Or “How Easily Women Manipulate and Lie to Men”, Or “Why Do Men Allow Women to Use Them?”.  Remember the rule your Grandmother told you about.. If it looks to good to be true, if it sounds too good to be true.. Then run like hell from it, cause its not real and its not true.  Listen to  your inner  voice that screams out to you, hey that  bitch is a phony..

Next, was the announcement of someone better known in my circles as McNutt, who apparently had been charged with using a false identity and Id thief.   Now, does this surprise me at all.  Lets go back in time, when a discussion was held about  how ironic it was that this michelle mcnutt seemed to have the same identity as a deceased young woman who had been romantically involved prior to her death,  with the owner of a blog that Mcnutt managed to manipulate her way into,  Now, my question is,  is Michelle L. McKee this mcnutts real name or is that an identity that was taken on?  Good question.  And we have found how many different people using different names?  So, with this new disclosure of information we have to  wonder who is who, and why are they hiding their real identity using fake usernames?

Surprisingly,  we had this new shiloh asking, why would people be interested in others disclosing their real identity.  Maybe the same reason, this new Shiloh will be told,  if you have nothing to fear, and your an honest person without charges pending on you once your identity is found..  Why not tell us who you are?  Now we can make guess’s.. Maybe Shiloh is going to be a writer we have known before.  Maybe Shiloh is one of the owners of the website, filling in while rodeo is facing what ever consequences its facing. Maybe rodeo just wore its welcome out and brought too much discrepancy to the website?   I’ve set back and though who could possible be  the owner of the corporation that owns, it crossed my mind that it could be the same owners as Scared Monkeys, ole Red himself, or could it possible be Art Harris, or his wife who use to blog on Websleuths.  I can assure you its not Trisha, she doesn’t write as well.  So, while everyone is out there trying to figure it out, keep the ideas in mind.  For there is no doubt that who ever owns, really for both personal and professional reasons, needs to keep that as a secret.  A big secret.

So Shiloh, what did you say your real name is?  And have you used this username before, you know we’re going to be looking.  Want to share an Ip or email address to help in our search for disclosure.. And by the way remember,  once Home land security has landed, they have a tendency to stay close at home.  After all they really didn’t need to sign into  your website to get what they wanted, they could Google and then collect everything they need through the cache system, and you will never have any idea of their presence.  So, by going into your website, they had something more in mind, maybe a collection of all ip address’s used.. maybe the reddios forum, or follys site or levi’s dog and pony radio show.  Never know, yes we will.. everything has a time and a place and the time we must wait on, the place will be the internet..  Never know in time the fame that those involved with radionewz will come blasting out, in the form of a nationwide Federal case and we can all watch the media for releases and the trial on Computer and TV.

I can hear Nancy Grace now,  Breaking Newz..

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