Busy Day..

04 Mar

I really don’t want the idiots over at the crazy place to think they have acquired any points this morning.  Needless to say they are the least important factor of my day..

This is a Monday,  my Granddaughter is scheduled for surgery this morning, going to have her gall bladder removed.  Too young to have problems with her gall bladder but of course who has choices.  So, you know where I’m going to be for the day.. Yep, at the hospital holding her hand and making sure she is alright and comfortable.  Thats what Normal Grandparents do.  

On the home front, Shela is wearing her new coat and warm outside, spent her first night in a kennel in the utility room.. Still a pup who can’t be trusted to run the house, even though she’s a big puppy.  Maggie is back to normal, and she’s sunbathing on the deck.. Loves to set in the sun. We really had a rough three weeks with her fever, no appetite  doing forced feedings of baby food and Pedialyte, hopefully all of her kidney stones have passed..

And tomorrow, we are told its going to snow..  March and snowing.. whatever happen to winter snows in February..  March should be with spring flowers and sunshine. 

So, while I’m silent for the rest of the day..  You know what I’m going to be doing.. Busy .. Busy .. Busy.. 

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