03 Mar

You and folly are such idiots, you just don’t get it .. So folly heard that HLS is after Murt and gonna investigate his website..  Or is it, that HLS has wind of some strange websites, that display porn, attack, harrass and threaten people.  Maybe they’ve heard about violating other peoples first amendment rights, there altha..  So, its not Murt that needs to worry as much as it is U and your Trolls. Even if they investigated Murt, they would automatically go straight after U trolls, and please Rodeo, if they ask you for info on me, please give it to them, and send them my way.. I will be more than happy to fill them in on EVERY DAMN THING I KNOW ABOUT EVERY DAMN ONE OF YOU CRAZY’S, NO EXCEPTIONS..  SO GO FOR IT RODEO, I’M SETTING HERE WAITING.  U never quite get it, I’m not afraid of any law enforcement agency, and they are welcome in my home and to my computer and every thing I know any day of the week.  not like you, who still attempts to hide and convince people your not altha soodtrigg or is it altha triggsood..  So, Crawl back under your rock bitch.. this one didn’t work anymore that the other attempts have..  The biggest joke on your ass.. things that are known, that U don’t know..  Thats the part where I get my biggest laugh.  What I know that Rodeo and the clowns don’t know I know…. As Papa can attest, I might set on things for a good 2 years or more before I decide to use it.`So you never know whats coming and you never know when its going to hit.. And no I know your not in a private protected world, I already know who you are.. Its U that believes its in a private protected world that can’t be touched.. I know you can be, and I know your going to be.. So, set back and gloat you and the folly goat.. Ur day is coming..  U need to tell the folly that she better start looking at her own house and not worry about ours. Hers has shadows of no honesty and who did she say they stole that Anthony video from?

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